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Classmark range: 300-399, added in the last 28 days

Classification Author Title Year
300.1/LAW Law, Alex, author. Social theory for today 2015
300.1/PHI   The philosophy of social science reader 2011
300.72/BLA Blaikie, Norman W. H., 1933- author. Social research 2017
301.01/DIL Dillon, Michele, 1960- author. Introduction to sociological theory 2014
LL 301.01/LAN De Landa, Manuel A new philosophy of society 2006
302.13/ARR Arrow, Kenneth Joseph Social choice and individual values 1963
LL 302.2/SCH Schirato, Tony Communication and cultural literacy 2000
302.2/STR Streeck, Jurgen, author. Self-making man 2017
302.23/MAR   Marx and the political economy of the media 2016
LL 302.35/BUC Buchanan, David A., author. Organizational behaviour 2017
302/INT   Intercorporeality 2017
LL 303.4/TUF Tufte, Thomas, author. Communication and social change 2017
LL 303.482/CUL   Cultural expression, creativity and innovation 2010
LL 303.482/CUL   Culturally speaking 2008
LL 303.482/GLO   The global intercultural communication reader 2014
LL 303.482/HUA Hua, Zhu, 1970- author. Exploring intercultural communication 2014
LL 303.482/MAR Martin, Judith N., author. Experiencing intercultural communication 2018
LL 303.482/NEU Neuliep, James William, 1957- author. Intercultural communication 2018
LL 303.482/SPE Spencer-Oatey, Helen Intercultural interaction 2009
LL 303.483/ORE O'Reilly, Tim, author. WTF 2017
303.484/GER Gerbaudo, Paolo, author. The mask and the flag 2017
303.484/RAD   Radical left movements in Europe 2018
303.6094/WAL Walter, Dierk, author. Colonial violence 2017
303.6209495/REV   Revolt and crisis in Greece 2011
LL 304.2309034/KER Kern, Stephen The culture of time and space, 1880-1918 2003
LL 304.663/LEV Levene, Mark Genocide in the age of the nation-state 2013
LL 304.663/LEV Levene, Mark The meaning of genocide 2008
305.0973/BES Best, Joel Everyone's a winner 2011
305.2350943/LAN Lange, Sascha DJ Westradio 2007
305.31095/EAS   East Asian men 2017
305.4209172/GLO   Global border crossings 2017
305.520941/SMI Smith, Daniel R., 1989- author. Elites, race and nationhood 2016
LL 305.8/HER   Heritage, memory & identity 2011
305.80596/TWI Twine, France Winddance A white side of black Britain 2010
305.8924044/GRA Grange, Cyril, 1959- author. Une elite parisienne 2016
305/HAN Hancock, Ange-Marie, author. Intersectionality 2016
306.36/HAN   Handbook of employment and society 2011
LL 306.3609944/STE Stein, Jesse Adams, author. Hot metal 2016
306.43/SPA   Spatial theories of education 2010
306.701/FOU Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984, author. Subjectivity and truth 2017
LL 306/GIL Giles, Judy Studying culture 2008
LL 306/LON Longhurst, Brian, 1956- author. Introducing cultural studies 2016
LL 307.1216/DID   Did someone say participate? 2006
307.3216/EVI   Evil paradises 2007
307.76/MAK   Making cities global 2018
320.01/LAC Laclau, Ernesto, 1935-2014, author. Ernesto Laclau 2015
LL 320.019/POL   Politics of anxiety 2017
320.23094/RAD   The radical left in Europe in the age of austerity 2016
320.5/LAC Laclau, Ernesto On populist reason 2007
320.532/GUE Guerin, Daniel, 1904-1988, author. For a libertarian communism 2017
320.5662/CON   Contemporary populism 2013
320.5662/MUD Mudde, Cas, author. Populism 2017
320.5662/OXF   The Oxford handbook of populism 2017
320.5662/TOR Torre, Carlos de la The promise and perils of populism 2015
320.5662014/POP   Populist political communication in Europe 2017
320.5662094/ALB Albertazzi, Daniele, 1968- author. Populists in power 2016
320.6/HEN Henricson, Clem, author. Morality and public policy 2016
320.91724/POL   Politics in the developing world 2017
LL 320.943/GER   Germany 2014
321.8/TOD Todorov, Tzvetan, 1939- author. The inner enemies of democracy 2014
323.042/MAS   Mass Politics in Tough Times 2014
324.213094/ART Art, David Inside the Radical Right 2011
324.213094/BER Berezin, Mabel Illiberal politics in neoliberal times 2009
324.217094/EUR   Europe's radical left 2016
325.3/LOO Loomba, Ania, author. Colonialism/postcolonialism 2015
325.32/JAB Jabri, Vivienne The postcolonial subject 2012
327.4104/GOW Gowland, David, author. Britain and the European Union 2017
327.4104/TOD Todd, John , author. The UK's relationship with Europe 2016
327.47073/WOH Wohlforth, William Curti The elusive balance 1993
327.51/WES Westad, Odd Arne, author. Restless empire 2015
327.51058/CHI   China and India in Central Asia 2014
327.54/IND   India's foreign policy 2013
LL 327/BLA Slaughter, Anne-Marie, 1958- author. The chessboard and the web 2017
LL 330.019/BUR Burow, Peter, author. Behavioral economics for business 2016
LL 330.019/DHA Dhami, Sanjit S., author. The foundations of behavioral economic analysis 2016
LL 330.019/THA Thaler, Richard H., 1945- author. Misbehaving 2016
330.9495/POL   The politics of extreme austerity 2015
330.951/STE Steinfeld, Edward S. Playing our game 2010
LL 330/SLO Sloman, John, 1947- author. Economics for business 2016
331.8/HER Herod, Andrew Labor geographies 2001
332.042/MAK Makin, A. J., author. International money and finance 2017
LL 332.10973/DAV Davis, Gerald F. , 1961- author. Managed by the markets 2011
332.4941/CON Congdon, Tim Keynes, the Keynesians and monetarism 2007
LL 332.67252/OXF   The Oxford handbook of Sovereign wealth funds 2017
333.790681/NER Nersesian, Roy L., author. Energy risk modeling 2013
333.7938/BRE Breeze, Paul A., author. Energy from waste 2018
333.91/CHA Charalambous, Bambos, author. Dealing with the complex interrelation of intermittent supply and water losses 2017
335.4/GRO Gronow, Jukka, author. On the formation of Marxism 2017
337.1420941/UKC   The UK challenge to Europeanization 2015
LL 338.04072/HAN   Handbook of research methodologies and design in neuroentrepreneurship 2017
LL 338.064/HAN   The handbook of technology foresight 2008
338.064/MAC McCloskey, Deirdre N., author. Bourgeois equality 2016
338.186885/FER Ferguson, James The anti-politics machine 1994
338.5/VAR Varian, Hal R., author. Intermediate microeconomics 2014
338.6/LIP Lipczynski, John, author. Industrial organization 2017
338.88/CAV Cavusgil, S. Tamer Born global firms 2009
341.2422/HAB Habermas, Jurgen, author. The crisis of the European Union 2012
343.4107869/JOI Joint Contracts Tribunal, author. Design and build contract 2016 2016
346.4207/JON Jones, Lucy , author. Introduction to business law 2017
LL 361.00684/LIE Liedtka, Jeanne, author. Design thinking for the greater good 2017
361.610941/SOC   Social policies and social control 2016
LL 362.1/BEH   Behavioral economics and public health 2016
362.1/JUT Jutel, Annemarie, author. Putting a name to it 2014
362.10688/CAN   Can graphic design save your life? 2017
363.34/BIO   Biopolitical disaster 2018
364.01/MIL Millie, Andrew, author. Philosophical criminology 2017
364.01/POL Polizzi, David, author. A philosophy of the social construction of crime 2016
LL 364.151/GEN   Genocide matters 2013
LL 364.151/JON Jones, Adam, 1963- author. The scourge of genocide 2013
LL 364.151/OXF   The Oxford handbook of genocide studies 2013
364.16/CRI   Crime at the top 1978
370.152/COT Cottrell, Stella, author. Critical thinking skills 2017
371.3/CHA   Changing spaces of education 2012
378.125/BUR Burke, Penny Jane, author. Changing pedagogical spaces in higher education 2017
381.4566413/WAL Walvin, James Sugar 2017
LL 384.55/TEL   The television studies reader 2004
LL 384/GLO   Global media giants 2017
388/ROU   The Routledge handbook of transport economics 2018
394.1209421/RHY Rhys-Taylor, Alex, author. Food and multiculture 2017
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