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Classmark range: 300-399, added in the last 28 days

Classification Author Title Year
300.1/HUT Hutchinson, Phil , author. There is no such thing as a social science 2016
LL 300.72/BAN Banks, Marcus, author. Visual methods in social research 2015
LL 300.721/CRE Creswell, John W., author. Research design 2018
LL 300.721/SIL Silverman, David, 1943- author. Doing qualitative research 2017
LL 300.722/YIN Yin, Robert K., author. Case study research and applications 2018
LL 300.723/SEI Seidman, Irving Interviewing as qualitative research 2013
301.01/MUS Mussell, Simon, author. Critical theory and feeling 2017
301.0721/VOM Vom Lehn, Dirk Harold Garfinkel 2014
302.12/BEC Beck, Matthias, 1964- author. Risk 2014
302.2301/CON   Conditions of mediation 2017
LL 302.23072/RUD Ruddock, Andy, author. Exploring media research 2017
LL 302.23072/STO Stokes, Jane C. How to do media and cultural studies 2013
302.230951/CHI   China's media go global 2018
302.231095/ASI   Asian video cultures 2017
302.346/ARM Arminen, Ilkka, author. Institutional interaction 2016
LL 302.346/GRE Greatbatch, David, 1953- author. Using conversation analysis for business and management students 2018
303.482/STE Steger, Manfred B., 1961- author. Globalization 2017
304.2/MAC McCormack, Derek P. Refrains for moving bodies 2013
LL 304.28/MIL Miller, Toby, author. Greenwashing culture 2018
305.26/GUL Gullette, Margaret Morganroth Aged by culture 2004
305.26/SEG Segal, Lynne, author. Out of time 2014
305.42/GEN   Gender, monitoring, evaluation and learning 2018
LL 305.8001/MAD Madden, Raymond, author. Being ethnographic 2017
305.8009729/PUR Puri, Shalini, author. The Caribbean postcolonial 2004
305.8914/ROU   Routledge handbook of the South Asian diaspora 2013
305.89144/ALE Alexander, Claire E., author. The Bengal diaspora 2016
306.099613/FRO   From Samoa with love? 2014
306.360721/ETH   Ethnomethodology at work 2016
306.4613/HAN Handley, Sasha, author. Sleep in early modern England 2016
306.483/ROU   Routledge handbook of the sociology of sport 2018
307.760727/SIN Singleton, Alexander D., author. Urban analytics 2018
307.76096/RUR   Rural-urban dynamics 2014
320.01/SLA Slaboch, Matthew W., author. A road to nowhere 2018
320.0973/EVO   The evolution of political knowledge 2004
LL 320.1/BRO Brown, Wendy Walled states, waning sovereignty 2017
320.5662/TRA   Transformations of populism in Europe and the Americas 2017
320.5662094/LEF   The left, the people, populism 2016
320.951/LEE Lee, Ann What the U.S. can learn from China 2012
320.951/TOG   To govern China 2017
320.98/VAN Vanden, Harry E., author. Politics of Latin America 2018
321.803/ENC   Encyclopedia of democratic thought 2014
322.4/RAD   Radical democracy and collective movements today 2016
324.241097/BUL Bullock, Ian, 1941- author. Under siege 2017
324.24607/ERR Errejon, Inigo, author. Podemos 2016
324.24607/IGL Iglesias Turrion, Pablo Politics in a time of crisis 2015
324.249507/SHE Sheehan, Helena, author. The Syriza wave 2017
324.730973/HOW Howard, Philip N., author. New media campaigns and the managed citizen 2006
325.3440965/SHE Shepard, Todd The invention of decolonization 2008
325.4/BOR   The borders of "Europe" 2017
325.7309729/LAN Langley, Lester D. The banana wars 1983
LL 327.101/ODY Odysseos, Louiza The subject of coexistence 2007
LL 327.12/GIL Gill, Peter Intelligence in an insecure world 2012
LL 327.4100904/SHA Sharp, Paul Thatcher's diplomacy 1999
327.47056/ISR Israelian, Viktor Levonovich, 1919-2005, author. Inside the Kremlin during the Yom Kippur War 1997
330.126/JOH Johnson, Norman Mixed economies of welfare 1998
330.126/WEL   The welfare state reader 2014
LL 330.91722/HAS Haskel, Jonathan, author. Capitalism without capital 2018
333.7932096/OCK Ockwell, David G., author. Sustainable energy for all 2017
335.83/BRI   Brill's companion to anarchism and philosophy 2017
335.8309468/KAP Kaplan, Temma, 1942- author. Anarchists of Andalusia, 1868-1903 2015
338.4767731/PLA Platman, Lara. Harris Tweed 2011
338.47687/HOW Howarth, Stephen, author. Henry Poole 2003
338.5/RIC Rickard, Sean The economics of organizations and strategy 2006
338.85/ANT   The antitrust revolution 2014
LL 338.88/STA   State-owned multinationals 2018
341.584/CHE Chesterman, Simon You, the people 2005
343.4107869/TRI Tricker, Ray, author. Building regulations in brief 2018
LL 346.048/JOH Johnson, Stephen , author. The Economist guide to intellectual property 2015
LL 346.048/VAI Vaidhyanathan, Siva, author. Intellectual property 2017
LL 346.41048/BAI Bainbridge, David I., author. Intellectual property asset management 2014
LL 346.41048/BAI Bainbridge, David I. Intellectual property 2012
355.425/MOC Mockaitis, Thomas R. British counterinsurgency in the post-imperial era 1995
LL 356.160973/NEV Neville, Leigh, author. Special Forces in the War on Terror 2015
361.26/OLI Oliver, Kelly, 1958- author. Carceral humanitarianism 2017
361.61/INT   International social policy 2009
361.61/KEN Kennedy, Patricia Key themes in social policy 2013
361.610941/ALC Alcock, Peter, 1951- author. Social policy in Britain 2014
361.610941/HIL Hill, Michael J. Understanding social policy 2009
361.610941/HUD Hudson, John Understanding the policy process 2009
361.610973/GIR Giroux, Henry A., author. America's addiction to terrorism 2016
361.613094/SOC   Social policy and citizenship 2013
361.650941/FRA Fraser, Derek, author. The evolution of the British welfare state 2017
361.650941/PAG Page, Robert M. Revisiting the welfare state 2007
362.29/BER Berridge, Virginia, author. Demons 2013
362.29/DRU   Drugs 1999
362.29/NUT Nutt, David J. Drugs - without the hot air 2012
362.29/ROB Robson, Philip Forbidden drugs 2009
362.290941/DRU   Drugs 2006
362.290941/ESS   The essential student reader on drugs 2008
362.290941/SED Seddon, Toby A history of drugs 2010
362.291561/MAC McKeganey, Neil P. Controversies in drugs policy and practice 2011
LL 363.32516/MAS Masco, Joseph The theater of operations 2014
363.340973/MIL Mileti, Dennis S., author. Disasters by design 1999
363.4502854/MAR Martin, James, 1981- author. Drugs on the dark net 2014
363.45094/DUY Duyne, P. C. van Drugs and money 2005
364.13365/POW Power, Mike , author. Drugs 2.0 2014
364.177/HAM Hammersley, Richard Drugs and crime 2008
364.177/HAR Hari, Johann, author. Chasing the scream 2016
364.1770941/BEA Bean, Philip Legalising drugs 2010
364.1770941/DAL Daly, Max, author. Narcomania 2013
364.1770941/DRU   Drugs in Britain 2007
364.1770941/UND   Understanding drug selling in communities 2005
364.1770973/FRI Friesendorf, Cornelius, author. US foreign policy and the war on drugs 2014
364.3/OXF   The Oxford handbook of offender decision making 2017
364.68/DIV Smith, Roger S. , 1953- author. Diversion in youth justice 2018
365.450951/WAN Wang, Ning, 1964- author. Banished to the great northern wilderness 2017
LL 370.117/DOL Dolby, Nadine Rethinking multicultural education for the next generation 2012
372.21014/BAT Bateman, Amanda Conversation analysis and early childhood education 2015
384.10954/BON Bonea, Amelia, author. The news of empire 2016
387.70685/WUC Wu, Cheng-Lung Airline operations and delay management 2010
391.0086927/ASH Ash, Juliet Dress behind bars 2010
391.10941/AMI Amies, Hardy, 1909-2003, author. The Englishman's suit 2009
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