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Classmark range: 600-699, added in the last 28 days

Classification Author Title Year
610.28/BAS Basu, Bikramjit, author. Biomaterials science and tissue engineering 2017
610.28/FUN   Functional 3D tissue engineering scaffolds 2018
610.28/SAB Sabban, Albert, author. Novel wearable antennas for communication and medical systems 2018
612.3/INT   Introduction to human nutrition 2009
612.8/IZH Izhikevich, Eugene M., author. Dynamical systems in neuroscience 2010
612/MAR Marieb, Elaine Nicpon, 1936- author. Essentials of human anatomy & physiology 2018
613.7/HON Honeybourne, John, author. PE for A level 2016
613.7/MIL Millington, Brad, author. Fitness, technology and society 2018
615.6/HOL Holowka, Eric P., author. Drug delivery 2016
616.9041/FAN Fanos, Vassilios, author. Metabolomics and microbiomics 2016
620.00452/ZHA Zhang, Ke Observer-based fault estimation and accomodation for dynamic systems 2013
620.11292/DOW Dowling, Norman E. Mechanical behavior of materials 2013
620.11292/HOS Hosford, William F. Mechanical behavior of materials 2010
620.11296/LIU Liu, Zi-Kui Computational thermodynamics of materials 2016
620.115/NAN   Nanobiomaterials science, development and evaluation 2017
620.115/TWO   2D materials 2017
620.118/EXP   Explosion blast response of composites 2017
620.199/HAN   Handbook of adhesion technology 2011
621.365/GLU Gluckstad, Jesper, author. Light robotics 2017
621.392/CHU Chu, Pong P., 1959- author. RTL hardware design using VHDL 2006
621.395/KIL Kilts, Steve Advanced FPGA design 2007
621.402/CEN Cengel, Yunus A., author. Fundamentals of thermal-fluid sciences 2017
621.81/WAL Waldron, Kenneth J. Kinematics, dynamics, and design of machinery 2016
621.811/LAN Lange, Jerome C. Kinematics 1995
621.877/BAR Barney, G. C. Elevator traffic handbook 2016
624.18/CON   Construction materials 2018
Z 624.184/TIM   Timber construction manual 2004
627.98/FAL Faltinsen, O. M. Sea loads on ships and offshore structures 1993
629.13431/MEG Megson, T. H. G. , author. Introduction to aircraft structural analysis 2018
P 629.134351/INS   Installation of fuel cell systems in large civil aircraft 2017
629.23/SLI   Sliding mode control of vehicle dynamics 2017
629.2504/DEN Denton, Tom, author. Automobile mechanical and electrical systems 2018
650.0721/SEK Sekaran, Uma, author. Research methods for business 2016
LL 650.1/HOB Hobsbawm, Julia, author. Fully connected 2017
650.1/HOL Holiday, Ryan, author. The obstacle is the way 2015
657/SCO Scott, William R. , 1931- author. Financial accounting theory 2015
LL 658.0072/KIN King, Nigel, author. Template analysis for business and management students 2017
LL 658.049/HIL Hill, Charles W. L., author. Global business today 2018
LL 658.1/WHI Whitley, Richard Business systems and organizational capabilities 2007
658.11/SPI Spinelli, Stephen, Jr., author. New venture creation 2016
658.1141/GUI Guillebeau, Chris, author. Side hustle 2017
LL 658.18/ABR Abramson, Neil R., 1953- author. Managing cultural differences 2018
658.18/HIL Hill, Charles W. L., author. International business 2017
LL 658.3/FRI Friedman, Ron, 1977- author. The best place to work 2015
LL 658.3/INT   International human resource management 2014
LL 658.314/PRI Price, Mark Fairness for all 2016
LL 658.314/WAL Walker, Susan Employee engagement & communication research 2012
658.315094/BAC Baccaro, Lucio, author. Trajectories of neoliberal transformation 2017
LL 658.38/MIL Miller, Rex, author. Change your space, change your culture 2014
LL 658.382/HOD Hodgins, Margaret, author. Promoting health and well-being in the workplace 2016
658.4012/FRI Friend, Graham, author. Guide to business planning 2009
LL 658.4012/MAC Mckeown, Max, author. The strategy book 2016
LL 658.4012/RUM Rumelt, Richard P., author. Good strategy, bad strategy 2017
658.4012/TRA Trafford, David, author. Beyond default 2017
LL 658.406/SEN Senior, Barbara, author. Organizational change 2016
LL 658.407124/ANT Antonas, Vassilis, author. Coaching for impact 2018
LL 658.408/EXT Exter, Nadine, author. Employee engagement with sustainable business 2013
658.4092/DEV   Developing skills for business leadership 2014
LL 658.4092/FEL Felfe, Jorg Trends der psychologischen fuhrungsforschung 2015
LL 658.421072/HAN   Handbook of measures for international entrepreneurship research 2017
LL 658.45/COW Cowan, David, 1961- author. Strategic internal communication 2017
658.562/CAR Carlson, Carl Effective FMEAs 2012
LL 658.8/BES Best, Roger J., author. Market-based management 2014
658.8/KOT Kotler, Philip, author. Principles of marketing 2018
658.8/MAC McDonald, Malcolm Marketing plans 2016
LL 658.827095/AND Andrews, Tim G., 1968- author. Building brands in Asia 2017
658.8343/AND Anderson, Simon P., author. Discrete choice theory of product differentiation 1992
LL 659.109/VEK Veksner, Simon, author. 100 ideas that changed advertising 2015
660.2/LIS Li, Shaofen, author. Reaction engineering 2017
660.28/ELH El-Halwagi, Mahmoud M., 1962- author. Sustainable design through process integration 2017
660.6/ALG   Algal green chemistry 2017
660/COU   Coulson and Richardson's chemical engineering 2017
662.88/BIO   Biomass supply chains for bioenergy and biorefining 2016
662.8805/UTI   Utilization and management of bioresources 2018
668.494/BUH De Buhan, Patrick, author. Elastic, plastic and yield design of reinforced structures 2017
684.08/BUL Bullar, John, 1954- author. The complete guide to joint-making 2013
686.20941/JOH   John Baskerville 2017
Z 686.22/GAU Gautier, Damien Design, typography etc 2018
LL 686.22409/MAC McNeil, Paul, author. The visual history of type 2017
LL 686.3/ABB Abbott, Kathy Bookbinding 2010
697.92/SHO Short, C. Alan , 1955- author. The recovery of natural environments in architecture 2017
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