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Classification Author Title Year
002.09/BOO   The book 2013
002.0944/SIL Silverman, Willa Z. The new bibliopolis 2007
005.262 C/DEI Deitel, Paul J. Visual C++ 2008 2008
005.262 C/MAC McGrath, Mike, 1956- author. C++ programming in easy steps 2017
005.437019/SHN Shneiderman, Ben, author. Designing the user interface 2018
LL 006.37/JOS Joshi, Prateek, author. OpenCV by example 2016
LL 006.37/JOS Joshi, Prateek, author. OpenCV with Python by example 2015
LL 006.37/KAE Kaehler, Adrian, author. Learning openCV 3 2017
026.5/SCI   Science in the archives 2017
028.90947/LOV Lovell, Stephen, 1972- author. The Russian reading revolution 2000
101/BAG Baggini, Julian The philosopher's toolkit 2010
114/BAC Bachelard, Gaston, 1884-1962, author. The poetics of space 2014
133.10942/ACK Ackroyd, Peter The English ghost 2011
153.8/HAN   Handbook of competence and motivation 2017
P 153.8/MAS Maslow, Abraham H. , author. A theory of human motivation 2015
LL 158.7/WOR   Workplace well-being 2014
LL 158/RAT Rath, Tom Wellbeing 2010
261.58/KNI Knight, Mark An introduction to religion and literature 2009
300.1/LAW Law, Alex, author. Social theory for today 2015
300.1/PHI   The philosophy of social science reader 2011
300.72/BLA Blaikie, Norman W. H., 1933- author. Social research 2017
301.01/DIL Dillon, Michele, 1960- author. Introduction to sociological theory 2014
LL 301.01/LAN De Landa, Manuel A new philosophy of society 2006
302.13/ARR Arrow, Kenneth Joseph Social choice and individual values 1963
LL 302.2/SCH Schirato, Tony Communication and cultural literacy 2000
302.2/STR Streeck, Jurgen, author. Self-making man 2017
302.23/MAR   Marx and the political economy of the media 2016
LL 302.35/BUC Buchanan, David A., author. Organizational behaviour 2017
302/INT   Intercorporeality 2017
LL 303.4/TUF Tufte, Thomas, author. Communication and social change 2017
LL 303.482/CUL   Cultural expression, creativity and innovation 2010
LL 303.482/CUL   Culturally speaking 2008
LL 303.482/GLO   The global intercultural communication reader 2014
LL 303.482/HUA Hua, Zhu, 1970- author. Exploring intercultural communication 2014
LL 303.482/MAR Martin, Judith N., author. Experiencing intercultural communication 2018
LL 303.482/NEU Neuliep, James William, 1957- author. Intercultural communication 2018
LL 303.482/SPE Spencer-Oatey, Helen Intercultural interaction 2009
LL 303.483/ORE O'Reilly, Tim, author. WTF 2017
303.484/GER Gerbaudo, Paolo, author. The mask and the flag 2017
303.484/RAD   Radical left movements in Europe 2018
303.6094/WAL Walter, Dierk, author. Colonial violence 2017
303.6209495/REV   Revolt and crisis in Greece 2011
LL 304.2309034/KER Kern, Stephen The culture of time and space, 1880-1918 2003
LL 304.663/LEV Levene, Mark Genocide in the age of the nation-state 2013
LL 304.663/LEV Levene, Mark The meaning of genocide 2008
305.0973/BES Best, Joel Everyone's a winner 2011
305.2350943/LAN Lange, Sascha DJ Westradio 2007
305.31095/EAS   East Asian men 2017
305.4209172/GLO   Global border crossings 2017
305.520941/SMI Smith, Daniel R., 1989- author. Elites, race and nationhood 2016
LL 305.8/HER   Heritage, memory & identity 2011
305.80596/TWI Twine, France Winddance A white side of black Britain 2010
305.8924044/GRA Grange, Cyril, 1959- author. Une elite parisienne 2016
305/HAN Hancock, Ange-Marie, author. Intersectionality 2016
306.36/HAN   Handbook of employment and society 2011
LL 306.3609944/STE Stein, Jesse Adams, author. Hot metal 2016
306.43/SPA   Spatial theories of education 2010
306.701/FOU Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984, author. Subjectivity and truth 2017
LL 306/GIL Giles, Judy Studying culture 2008
LL 306/LON Longhurst, Brian, 1956- author. Introducing cultural studies 2016
LL 307.1216/DID   Did someone say participate? 2006
307.3216/EVI   Evil paradises 2007
307.76/MAK   Making cities global 2018
320.01/LAC Laclau, Ernesto, 1935-2014, author. Ernesto Laclau 2015
LL 320.019/POL   Politics of anxiety 2017
320.23094/RAD   The radical left in Europe in the age of austerity 2016
320.5/LAC Laclau, Ernesto On populist reason 2007
320.532/GUE Guerin, Daniel, 1904-1988, author. For a libertarian communism 2017
320.5662/CON   Contemporary populism 2013
320.5662/MUD Mudde, Cas, author. Populism 2017
320.5662/OXF   The Oxford handbook of populism 2017
320.5662/TOR Torre, Carlos de la The promise and perils of populism 2015
320.5662014/POP   Populist political communication in Europe 2017
320.5662094/ALB Albertazzi, Daniele, 1968- author. Populists in power 2016
320.6/HEN Henricson, Clem, author. Morality and public policy 2016
320.91724/POL   Politics in the developing world 2017
LL 320.943/GER   Germany 2014
321.8/TOD Todorov, Tzvetan, 1939- author. The inner enemies of democracy 2014
323.042/MAS   Mass Politics in Tough Times 2014
324.213094/ART Art, David Inside the Radical Right 2011
324.213094/BER Berezin, Mabel Illiberal politics in neoliberal times 2009
324.217094/EUR   Europe's radical left 2016
325.3/LOO Loomba, Ania, author. Colonialism/postcolonialism 2015
325.32/JAB Jabri, Vivienne The postcolonial subject 2012
327.4104/GOW Gowland, David, author. Britain and the European Union 2017
327.4104/TOD Todd, John , author. The UK's relationship with Europe 2016
327.47073/WOH Wohlforth, William Curti The elusive balance 1993
327.51/WES Westad, Odd Arne, author. Restless empire 2015
327.51058/CHI   China and India in Central Asia 2014
327.54/IND   India's foreign policy 2013
LL 327/BLA Slaughter, Anne-Marie, 1958- author. The chessboard and the web 2017
LL 330.019/BUR Burow, Peter, author. Behavioral economics for business 2016
LL 330.019/DHA Dhami, Sanjit S., author. The foundations of behavioral economic analysis 2016
LL 330.019/THA Thaler, Richard H., 1945- author. Misbehaving 2016
330.9495/POL   The politics of extreme austerity 2015
330.951/STE Steinfeld, Edward S. Playing our game 2010
LL 330/SLO Sloman, John, 1947- author. Economics for business 2016
331.8/HER Herod, Andrew Labor geographies 2001
332.042/MAK Makin, A. J., author. International money and finance 2017
LL 332.10973/DAV Davis, Gerald F. , 1961- author. Managed by the markets 2011
332.4941/CON Congdon, Tim Keynes, the Keynesians and monetarism 2007
LL 332.67252/OXF   The Oxford handbook of Sovereign wealth funds 2017
333.790681/NER Nersesian, Roy L., author. Energy risk modeling 2013
333.7938/BRE Breeze, Paul A., author. Energy from waste 2018
333.91/CHA Charalambous, Bambos, author. Dealing with the complex interrelation of intermittent supply and water losses 2017
335.4/GRO Gronow, Jukka, author. On the formation of Marxism 2017
337.1420941/UKC   The UK challenge to Europeanization 2015
LL 338.04072/HAN   Handbook of research methodologies and design in neuroentrepreneurship 2017
LL 338.064/HAN   The handbook of technology foresight 2008
338.064/MAC McCloskey, Deirdre N., author. Bourgeois equality 2016
338.186885/FER Ferguson, James The anti-politics machine 1994
338.5/VAR Varian, Hal R., author. Intermediate microeconomics 2014
338.6/LIP Lipczynski, John, author. Industrial organization 2017
338.88/CAV Cavusgil, S. Tamer Born global firms 2009
341.2422/HAB Habermas, Jurgen, author. The crisis of the European Union 2012
343.4107869/JOI Joint Contracts Tribunal, author. Design and build contract 2016 2016
346.4207/JON Jones, Lucy , author. Introduction to business law 2017
LL 361.00684/LIE Liedtka, Jeanne, author. Design thinking for the greater good 2017
361.610941/SOC   Social policies and social control 2016
LL 362.1/BEH   Behavioral economics and public health 2016
362.1/JUT Jutel, Annemarie, author. Putting a name to it 2014
362.10688/CAN   Can graphic design save your life? 2017
363.34/BIO   Biopolitical disaster 2018
364.01/MIL Millie, Andrew, author. Philosophical criminology 2017
364.01/POL Polizzi, David, author. A philosophy of the social construction of crime 2016
LL 364.151/GEN   Genocide matters 2013
LL 364.151/JON Jones, Adam, 1963- author. The scourge of genocide 2013
LL 364.151/OXF   The Oxford handbook of genocide studies 2013
364.16/CRI   Crime at the top 1978
370.152/COT Cottrell, Stella, author. Critical thinking skills 2017
371.3/CHA   Changing spaces of education 2012
378.125/BUR Burke, Penny Jane, author. Changing pedagogical spaces in higher education 2017
381.4566413/WAL Walvin, James Sugar 2017
LL 384.55/TEL   The television studies reader 2004
LL 384/GLO   Global media giants 2017
388/ROU   The Routledge handbook of transport economics 2018
394.1209421/RHY Rhys-Taylor, Alex, author. Food and multiculture 2017
R 510.285/ENC   Encyclopedia of applied and computational mathematics 2017
515.64/BLI Bliss, Gilbert Ames, 1876-1951. Lectures on the calculus of variations 1961
519.502415/DAN Dancey, Christine P., author. Statistics without maths for psychology 2017
519.542/MAC McElreath, Richard, 1973- author. Statistical rethinking 2016
526.0285/PET Peterson, Gretchen N. GIS cartography 2014
526.0947/DAV Davies, John, , 1942- author. The red atlas 2017
531.1133/GOP Gopalakrishnan, S. , author. Wave propagation in materials and structures 2017
539.72/GOL Goldberg, Dave, 1974- author. The Standard Model in a nutshell 2017
541.3482/CLA Clark, James H., author. Sustainable solvents 2017
541.361/CON   Concise encyclopedia of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis 2017
550/TAR Tarbuck, Edward J., author. Earth science 2015
551.480727/FUN   Fundamentals of statistical hydrology 2017
572.86/BRO Brown, T. A. , author. Genomes 4 2018
583.93/MAC McPherson, Stewart Sarraceniaceae of North America 2011
594.5/CEP   Cephalopod cognition 2014
599.938/BOY Boyd, Robert How humans evolved 2018
610.28/BAS Basu, Bikramjit, author. Biomaterials science and tissue engineering 2017
610.28/FUN   Functional 3D tissue engineering scaffolds 2018
610.28/SAB Sabban, Albert, author. Novel wearable antennas for communication and medical systems 2018
612.3/INT   Introduction to human nutrition 2009
612.8/IZH Izhikevich, Eugene M., author. Dynamical systems in neuroscience 2010
612/MAR Marieb, Elaine Nicpon, 1936- author. Essentials of human anatomy & physiology 2018
613.7/HON Honeybourne, John, author. PE for A level 2016
613.7/MIL Millington, Brad, author. Fitness, technology and society 2018
615.6/HOL Holowka, Eric P., author. Drug delivery 2016
616.9041/FAN Fanos, Vassilios, author. Metabolomics and microbiomics 2016
620.00452/ZHA Zhang, Ke Observer-based fault estimation and accomodation for dynamic systems 2013
620.11292/DOW Dowling, Norman E. Mechanical behavior of materials 2013
620.11292/HOS Hosford, William F. Mechanical behavior of materials 2010
620.11296/LIU Liu, Zi-Kui Computational thermodynamics of materials 2016
620.115/NAN   Nanobiomaterials science, development and evaluation 2017
620.115/TWO   2D materials 2017
620.118/EXP   Explosion blast response of composites 2017
620.199/HAN   Handbook of adhesion technology 2011
621.365/GLU Gluckstad, Jesper, author. Light robotics 2017
621.392/CHU Chu, Pong P., 1959- author. RTL hardware design using VHDL 2006
621.395/KIL Kilts, Steve Advanced FPGA design 2007
621.402/CEN Cengel, Yunus A., author. Fundamentals of thermal-fluid sciences 2017
621.81/WAL Waldron, Kenneth J. Kinematics, dynamics, and design of machinery 2016
621.811/LAN Lange, Jerome C. Kinematics 1995
621.877/BAR Barney, G. C. Elevator traffic handbook 2016
624.18/CON   Construction materials 2018
Z 624.184/TIM   Timber construction manual 2004
627.98/FAL Faltinsen, O. M. Sea loads on ships and offshore structures 1993
629.13431/MEG Megson, T. H. G. , author. Introduction to aircraft structural analysis 2018
P 629.134351/INS   Installation of fuel cell systems in large civil aircraft 2017
629.23/SLI   Sliding mode control of vehicle dynamics 2017
629.2504/DEN Denton, Tom, author. Automobile mechanical and electrical systems 2018
650.0721/SEK Sekaran, Uma, author. Research methods for business 2016
LL 650.1/HOB Hobsbawm, Julia, author. Fully connected 2017
650.1/HOL Holiday, Ryan, author. The obstacle is the way 2015
657/SCO Scott, William R. , 1931- author. Financial accounting theory 2015
LL 658.0072/KIN King, Nigel, author. Template analysis for business and management students 2017
LL 658.049/HIL Hill, Charles W. L., author. Global business today 2018
LL 658.1/WHI Whitley, Richard Business systems and organizational capabilities 2007
658.11/SPI Spinelli, Stephen, Jr., author. New venture creation 2016
658.1141/GUI Guillebeau, Chris, author. Side hustle 2017
LL 658.18/ABR Abramson, Neil R., 1953- author. Managing cultural differences 2018
658.18/HIL Hill, Charles W. L., author. International business 2017
LL 658.3/FRI Friedman, Ron, 1977- author. The best place to work 2015
LL 658.3/INT   International human resource management 2014
LL 658.314/PRI Price, Mark Fairness for all 2016
LL 658.314/WAL Walker, Susan Employee engagement & communication research 2012
658.315094/BAC Baccaro, Lucio, author. Trajectories of neoliberal transformation 2017
LL 658.38/MIL Miller, Rex, author. Change your space, change your culture 2014
LL 658.382/HOD Hodgins, Margaret, author. Promoting health and well-being in the workplace 2016
658.4012/FRI Friend, Graham, author. Guide to business planning 2009
LL 658.4012/MAC Mckeown, Max, author. The strategy book 2016
LL 658.4012/RUM Rumelt, Richard P., author. Good strategy, bad strategy 2017
658.4012/TRA Trafford, David, author. Beyond default 2017
LL 658.406/SEN Senior, Barbara, author. Organizational change 2016
LL 658.407124/ANT Antonas, Vassilis, author. Coaching for impact 2018
LL 658.408/EXT Exter, Nadine, author. Employee engagement with sustainable business 2013
658.4092/DEV   Developing skills for business leadership 2014
LL 658.4092/FEL Felfe, Jorg Trends der psychologischen fuhrungsforschung 2015
LL 658.421072/HAN   Handbook of measures for international entrepreneurship research 2017
LL 658.45/COW Cowan, David, 1961- author. Strategic internal communication 2017
658.562/CAR Carlson, Carl Effective FMEAs 2012
LL 658.8/BES Best, Roger J., author. Market-based management 2014
658.8/KOT Kotler, Philip, author. Principles of marketing 2018
658.8/MAC McDonald, Malcolm Marketing plans 2016
LL 658.827095/AND Andrews, Tim G., 1968- author. Building brands in Asia 2017
658.8343/AND Anderson, Simon P., author. Discrete choice theory of product differentiation 1992
LL 659.109/VEK Veksner, Simon, author. 100 ideas that changed advertising 2015
660.2/LIS Li, Shaofen, author. Reaction engineering 2017
660.28/ELH El-Halwagi, Mahmoud M., 1962- author. Sustainable design through process integration 2017
660.6/ALG   Algal green chemistry 2017
660/COU   Coulson and Richardson's chemical engineering 2017
662.88/BIO   Biomass supply chains for bioenergy and biorefining 2016
662.8805/UTI   Utilization and management of bioresources 2018
668.494/BUH De Buhan, Patrick, author. Elastic, plastic and yield design of reinforced structures 2017
684.08/BUL Bullar, John, 1954- author. The complete guide to joint-making 2013
686.20941/JOH   John Baskerville 2017
Z 686.22/GAU Gautier, Damien Design, typography etc 2018
LL 686.22409/MAC McNeil, Paul, author. The visual history of type 2017
LL 686.3/ABB Abbott, Kathy Bookbinding 2010
697.92/SHO Short, C. Alan , 1955- author. The recovery of natural environments in architecture 2017
LL 700.688/BIL Bilton, Chris, author. The disappearing product 2017
701.15/ART   Art and the senses 2013
LL 701.8/ADA Adamson, Glenn, author. Art in the making 2016
701/CRO Crowther, Paul, author. What drawing and painting really mean 2017
701/CRO Crowther, Paul Phenomenology of the visual arts (even the frame) 2009
702.81/ARN Arnar, Anna Sigridur The book as instrument 2011
702.81/DIA   The dialogue between painting and poetry 2001
702.81/HAM Hampton, Michael Unshelfmarked 2015
702.8120944/ADA Adamowicz, Elza Surrealist collage in text and image 2005
707.21/HAN   Handbook of arts-based research 2018
LL 709.04 HER Herbert, Martin, 1973- author. Tell them I said no 2016
709.043/ART   Art and power 1995
709.41 AGA/REM Remy, Michel, 1946- author. Eileen Agar 2017
709.41 CRA Craig-Martin, Michael, 1941- author. On being an artist 2015
709.41 DEA/ROY Royoux, Jean-Christophe Tacita Dean 2006
709.44 MAT/BRO Brown, Kathryn , author. Matisse's poets 2017
711.4094951/THE Theocharopoulou, Ioanna, author. Builders, housewives and the construction of modern Athens 2017
720.1/WRI Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1867-1959, author. An organic architecture 2017
LL 720.103/SOC   The social (re)production of architecture 2017
720.22/SHI Shields, Jennifer A. E. Collage and architecture 2014
720.228/WER Werner, Megan Model making 2011
720.284/MEU Meuser, Natascha Drawings for architects 2015
720.285/THE   Theories of the digital in architecture 2014
720.711/CHA   Changing architectural education 2000
720.951 MAD/MAY Ma, Yansong, 1975- creator. MAD works - MAD Architects 2016
721.040285/BEO Beorkrem, Christopher, author. Material strategies in digital fabrication 2017
721/NEU Neufert, Ernst Architects' data 2012
724.6/WAR Warke, Val K., author. 100 buildings 2017
724.60222/HEL Hellman, Louis Archi-tetes 2000
LL 725.23/GEO Georgi, William, author. The other office 2 2016
LL 725.23/MYE Myerson, Jeremy, author. Life of work 2014
LL 728.1/HOU   Housing solutions through design 2017
729/MOU Moussavi, Farshid, author. The function of style 2014
741.6409/RIS   The rise of the image 2017
745.401/RED Redstrom, Johan, author. Making design theory 2017
LL 745.40948/FIE Fiell, Charlotte, 1965- author. Modern Scandinavian design 2017
LL 745.501/KOR Korn, Peter, 1951- author. Why we make things and why it matters 2017
LL 745/BRI Britton, Alison, author. Seeing things 2013
LL 746.40922/WAT Waterhouse, Jo Indie craft 2010
759.81 MUN/KVE Kverneland, Steffen, author, artist. Munch 2016
Z 779.9305906 SAL Salgado, Sebasti?o, 1944- photographer, author. Exodus 2016
LL 791.334069/LYT Lyttleton, Ben, author. Edge 2017
LL 791.430973/AME   American cinema of the 2000s 2012
LL 791.430973/HIS Balio, Tino Grand design 1995
LL 791.430973/HIS Cook, David A., author. Lost illusions 2002
LL 791.430973/HIS Koszarski, Richard An evening's entertainment 1994
LL 791.430973/HIS Lev, Peter Transforming the screen, 1950-1959 2007
LL 791.430973/HIS Prince, Stephen, 1955- author. A new pot of gold 2002
791.4334/LEV Levy, David B. Animation development 2009
791.43611/PUR   Purity and provocation 2003
791.436552/BAY Bayraktar, Nilgun, author. Mobility and migration in film and moving image art 2017
796.019/ORG   The organizational psychology of sport 2017
LL 796.069/RAT Ratten, Vanessa, author. Sports innovation management 2018
796.069/SOL Solomon, Jerry An insider's guide to managing sporting events 2002
796.0698/CON   Contemporary sport marketing 2017
796.0698/STO Stotlar, David Kent, 1952- author. Developing successful sport sponsorship plans 2013
796.334094/FOO   Football and supporter activism in Europe 2017
797.21/THR Throsby, Karen, author. Immersion 2016
801.959/GEN   Genetic criticism 2004
802.85/BEY   Beyond the screen 2010
808.02/PRO Prose, Francine Reading like a writer 2012
808.025/GAI Gaines, Ann Don't steal copyrighted stuff! 2008
808.23/MAR Marx, Christy Writing for animation, comics, and games 2007
808.394/BEL Bell, James Scott Plot & structure 2004
808.5/BER Berry, Cicely, author. Voice and the actor 1973
808.5/NEL Nelson, Jeannette, author. The voice exercise book 2017
808.80051/FRE   Freeman's 2017
808.80382/REL   Religion and literature 2000
809.19357/HEF Heffernan, James A. W. Museum of words 2004
809.3/WOO Wood, James How fiction works 2009
809.38738/HEN Hendrix, Grady, author. Paperbacks from hell 2017
809.9112/WIN Winkiel, Laura A., author. Modernism 2017
809.93375/GHO   The ghostly and the ghosted in literature and film 2015
810.9/DIC   British fantasy and science-fiction writers since 1960 2002
810.9112/SUL Sullivan, Hannah The work of revision 2013
811.5 BRA Brainard, Joe I remember 2001
811.5 CRA Crapsey, Adelaide, 1878-1914, author. The complete poems and collected letters of Adelaide Crapsey 1977
811.6 KAU Kaur, Rupi, author. Milk and honey 2015
813.4 JAM/CUT Cutting, Andrew, 1966- author. Death in Henry James 2005
813.5 CAR Carver, Raymond, 1938-1988, author. Where I'm calling from 1995
813.5 JAC Jackson, Shirley, 1916-1965, author. Let me tell you 2016
813.5 UPD Updike, John Trust me 1988
813.6 ARI Arimah, Lesley Nneka, author. What it means when a man falls from the sky 2017
820.721/RES   Research methods for English studies 2013
821.7 CLA/KOV Kovesi, Simon, author. John Clare 2017
821.7 WOR/BUS Bushell, Sally Text as process 2009
821.91 ELL Elliot, Alistair, author. Telling the stones 2017
821.91 ETT Etty, Robert, author. Passing the story down the line 2017
821.91 FOL Foley, Kate, author. Electric psalms 2016
821.91 FOR Forshaw, Cliff, author. Satyr 2017
821.91 MAR Martin, Angus, 1952- author. A night of islands 2016
821.91 SOU Southgate, Christopher, 1953- author. Chasing the Raven 2016
821.92 BAR Barokka, Khairani, 1985- author. Rope 2017
821.92 BIR Bird, Caroline, 1986- author. Looking through letterboxes 2002
821.92 ELL Ellams, Inua, creator. #Afterhours 2017
821.92 FRA France, Angela, 1955- author. The hill 2017
821.92 HER Hershman, Tania, author. Terms and conditions 2017
821.92 PAR Parker, Rennie, 1962- author. The complete electric artisan 2017
821.92 SHE Sheers, Owen Skirrid Hill 2005
821.9208092/STA   Stairs and whispers 2017
823.009/MUL Mullan, John How novels work 2008
823.0108092/BES   The best {British} short stories 2014 2014
823.0108353/SEX   Sex & death 2017
823.0108921/HYP   Hyphen 2003
823.0108954/MON   A monsoon feast 2012
823.8 DIC/DIC   Dickens and the imagined child 2015
823.91 BOW/ELI   Elizabeth Bowen 2009
823.91 FRA Frame, Janet, author. The daylight and the dust 2010
823.91 ISH Ishiguro, Kazuo Nocturnes 2010
823.91 JOY Joyce, James The Little Review "Ulysses" 2015
823.91 MAC/FAL Falco, Magali A collection of interviews with Patrick McGrath 2007
823.91 MAN Mantel, Hilary, 1952- author. Learning to talk 2013
823.91 OWE Owens, Agnes Agnes Owens 2008
823.91 SEL Self, Will Liver 2009
823.91 SMI Smith, Ali The first person and other stories 2009
823.91 TOI Toibin, Colm The empty family 2011
823.91 WOO/ANN Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf , creator. Virginia Woolf and heritage 2017
823.9109/NIN   The 1970s 2017
823.9109/NIN   The 1980s 2017
823.9109/NIN   The 1990s 2017
823.9209/TWO   The 2000s 2017
828.91 JAM/REN Renault, Matthieu, author. C.L.R. James 2015
LL 833.91 HES Hesse, Hermann, 1877-1962, author. Steppenwolf 2012
839.8238 OYE ?yehaug, Gunnhild, 1975- author. Knots 2017
841.91 APO/BOH Bohn, Willard Apollinaire, visual poetry, and art criticism 1993
843.8 MAU/BON Bonnefoy, Yves, author. Poetry and photography 2017
891.4430108/GAL   Galpa 2005
895.635 MUR Murakami, Haruki, 1949- author. Men without women 2017
LL 907.2/ABR Abrams, Lynn author. Oral history theory 2016
947.0841/MAT Mathiez, Albert Revolution Russe et revolution Francaise 2017
947.0841092/KRA Krausz, Tamas Reconstructing Lenin 2015
947.0853/BRE   Brezhnev reconsidered 2014
954.0317/MUT   Mutiny at the margins 2013
LL 956.100491/GOC Gocek, Fatma Muge, author. Denial of violence 2016
960/TAK   Taking sides 2012
C.N.R. Rao 2D inorganic materials beyond graphene 2017
Aitchison, M Prefab housing and the future of building 2017
Alcock, Lara, author. Mathematics rebooted 2017
EB Alcock, Lara Mathematics rebooted 2017
Alexander, J. Perspectives on place 2015
Alexander, J The performance of politics: Obama?s victory and the democratic struggle for power 2010
LL Almond, P American multinationals in Europe 2006
Altenbuchner, C. Modern flexible multi-body dynamics modeling methodology for flapping wing vehicles 2017
Andrejevic, M Infoglut 2013
Andrianov, I Asymptotical mechanics of composites 2017
Applebaum, A Red famine : Stalin's war on Ukraine 2017
LL Ariel, G Augmenting Alice 2017
Armstrong, S. Reflexivity and criminal justice 2017
Artz, Lee The Pink Tide : Media Access and Political Power in Latin America 2017
Ashcroft, B. Postcolonial studies 2013
Atzmon, L. Encountering things 2017
EB Aulet, Bill Disciplined entrepreneurship 2013
Baldwin-Philippi, J Using technology, building democracy 2015
Banks, M. Creative justice 2017
EB Bartsch, Ronald I. C., 1954- author. Drones in society 2017
Benford, S. Performing mixed reality 2011
Bengfort, Benjamin, author. Data analytics with Hadoop 2016
Bennett, C Harrods, Knightsbridge 2000
Berberich, C. Land & identity 2012
Bimber, B Information and American democracy 2003
Blackman, S. Youth marginality in Britain 2017
Bliemer, M Handbook on transport and urban planning in the developed world 2016
Blowfield, Mick, author. Corporate responsibility 2014
Bohn, W Modern visual poetry 2001
Bolton, A Manus x machina 2016
Bolton, A Rei Kawakubo/comme des garcons 2017
Bonea, Amelia The news of empire : telegraphy, journalism, and the politics of reporting in colonial India c. 1830 2016
Botha, Marc, author. A theory of minimalism 2017
EB Boxall, Peter Strategy and human resource management 2011
Boyde, M. Captured 2014
Bradbury, Alex, author. Learning Python with Raspberry Pi 2014
LL Brand, W Visual thinking 2017
Bratton, J Human resource management 2017
Briefel, A. The racial hand in the Victorian imagination 2017
British Standards Institution ISO/ASTM 52901 2017
EB Brooks, Rachel, 1971- author. Materialities and mobilities in education 2018
EB Brown, Kathryn , author. Matisse's poets 2017
Browne, Alix, creator. Runway 2016
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