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Classification Author Title Year
LL 001.42/AUR Aurini, Janice, author. The how to of qualitative research 2016
LL 001.42/HOL Holliday, Adrian, author. Doing & writing qualitative research 2016
LL 001.42/LEA Leavy, Patricia, 1975- author. Research design 2017
001.4226/MUN Munzner, Tamara Visualization analysis and design 2015
004.36/PEL Peleg, D. , author. Distributed computing 2000
LL 004.6782/BHO Bhowmik, Sandeep, author. Cloud computing 2017
LL 005.7/HAN Han, Zhu, 1974- author. Signal processing and networking for big data applications 2017
LL 005.74/KOI Koitzsch, Kerry, author. Pro Hadoop data analytics 2017
LL 005.74/WHI White, Tom , author. Hadoop 2015
LL 005.8/PEN Penttinen, Jyrki T. J., author. Wireless communications security 2017
LL 006.3/CHA Chace, Calum, author. Surviving AI 2015
LL 006.3/CHA Chace, Calum, author. The economic singularity 2016
LL 006.3/KAS Kasparov, G. K. , author. Deep thinking 2017
LL 006.31/WAT Watt, Jeremy, author. Machine learning refined 2016
LL 006.45/MAC McLoughlin, Ian, author. Speech and audio processing 2016
006.696/CHO Chong, Andrew Digital animation 2008
006.696/MET   Meta-morphing 2000
111.85/HEN Henderson, Gretchen E., author. Ugliness 2015
133.4309/OXF   The Oxford illustrated history of witchcraft and magic 2017
152.14/WAR Ware, Colin Information visualization 2013
LL 153.83/CHR Christian, Brian, 1984- author. Algorithms to live by 2017
LL 153.852/CIA Cialdini, Robert B., author. Pre-suasion 2017
153.9/COY Coyle, Daniel. The talent code 2010
153.9/ERI Ericsson, K. Anders , 1947- author. Peak 2017
155.9/ENV   Environmental psychology 2013
155.93/COT Cotterill, Stewart, author. Performance psychology 2017
158.1/CAM Campbell, Alastair, 1957- author. Winners and how they succeed 2016
170/NEI Neiman, Susan, author. Evil in modern thought 2015
LL 300.72/COG Coghlan, David, author. Doing action research in your own organization 2014
300.72/DEN Denscombe, Martyn, author. The good research guide 2017
300.72/HEN Henn, Matt A critical introduction to social research 2009
LL 300.72/OLE O'Leary, Zina, author. The essential guide to doing your research project 2017
LL 300.72/THO Thomas, Gary, 1950- author. How to do your research project 2017
LL 300.72/WIL Williams, Christopher, author. Doing international research 2015
LL 300.721/EMM Emmel, N. Sampling and choosing cases in qualitative research 2013
LL 300.723/DAW Dawson, Jeremy, author. Analysing quantitative survey data for business and management students 2017
LL 301.01/MAR Marres, Noortje, 1975- author. Digital sociology 2017
LL 301/BEC Becker, Howard Saul. Doing things together 1986
LL 301/GID Giddens, Anthony, author. Essential concepts in sociology 2017
LL 302.2/TRE Treadwell, D. F. , author. Introducing communication research 2017
LL 302.23068/GER Gershon, Richard A., author. Digital media and innovation 2017
LL 302.23068/KUN Kung-Shankleman, Lucy, author. Strategic management in the media 2017
LL 302.231/DIG   Digital sociologies 2017
LL 302.231/LIN Lindgren, Simon, author. Digital media & society 2017
LL 302.231/STE Stephens-Davidowitz, Seth, author. Everybody lies 2017
LL 302.2310951/WAN Wang, Shiru , author. Cyberdualism in China 2017
LL 303.380973/OXF   The Oxford handbook of American public opinion and the media 2013
LL 303.482/HOL Holliday, Adrian, author. Intercultural communication 2017
LL 303.483/GRE Greenfield, Adam, author. Radical technologies 2017
LL 303.483/LEO Leonhard, Gerd, 1961- author. Technology vs. humanity 2016
LL 303.483/TAP Taplin, Jonathan T., author. Move fast and break things 2017
LL 303.483/WAD Wadwha, Vivek, author. The driver in the driverless car 2017
LL 303.4833/CHA Chayko, Mary, 1960- author. Superconnected 2017
303.4833/MAC MacKinnon, Rebecca Consent of the networked 2013
LL 303.4833/MAC McAfee, Andrew, author. Machine, platform, crowd 2017
LL 303.6/EVA Evans, Brad Disposable futures 2015
LL 303.66/BAR Barash, David P., author. Peace and conflict studies 2018
305.23/CHI   Childhood with Bourdieu 2015
305.4/TRA   Transfeminist perspectives in and beyond transgender and gender studies 2012
305.513/BRO Brooks, David The social animal 2012
305.5620947/HOF Hoffmann, David L. Peasant metropolis 2000
305.5620947/MAK   Making workers Soviet 1994
LL 305.8951/QUE   Queer Sinophone cultures 2014
LL 306.3/THO Thompson, Derek, 1986- author. Hit makers 2017
LL 306.480285/ROS Rose, Frank The art of immersion 2012
LL 306.483/GEN   Gender, media, sport 2017
LL 306.483/IMP   Impacts and strategic outcomes from non-mega sport events for local communities 2017
LL 306.483/JAR Jarvie, Grant, 1955- author. Sport, culture and society 2018
LL 306.483/SPO   Sport and citizenship 2017
306.76/HAR Hardy, David, 1959- author. Bold 2015
306.768/TRA   Trans studies 2016
306.768/TRA   Transgender communication studies 2015
306.768/WES West, Isaac Transforming citizenships 2014
307.74/WHA What's in a name? What's in a name? 2017
307/DEL Delanty, Gerard Community 2010
307/JOS Joseph, Miranda, author. Against the romance of community 2002
LL 320.082/OXF   The Oxford handbook of gender and politics 2016
320.91724/MIG Migdal, Joel S. Strong societies and weak states 1988
LL 320/OXF   Oxford handbook of governance 2014
LL 323.443/HAL Hallberg, Pekka, 1944- author. Freedom of speech and information in global perspective 2017
323.4482082/EXP   Expanding the gaze 2016
325.3/OXF   The Oxford handbook of postcolonial studies 2016
325.343/GER   German colonialism 2016
LL 327.101/DAD Daddow, Oliver J., 1974- author. International relations theory 2017
LL 327.116/JOH Johnston, Seth A. , 1981- author. How NATO adapts 2017
LL 327.2/REL   Relational, networked, and collaborative approaches to public diplomacy 2014
LL 327.2/ROU   Routledge handbook of diplomacy and statecraft 2015
LL 327.2/SEC   Secret diplomacy 2017
LL 327.47/RUS Russia and the world Russia and the world 2017
LL 327.51/KEE Keevak, Michael, 1962- author. Embassies to China 2017
LL 327.51/PAL Palit, Parama Sinha, author. Analysing China's soft power strategy and comparative Indian initiatives 2017
LL 327.73051/WOO Woodward, Jude, author. The US vs China 2017
327/WOR Kavalski, E World politics at the edge of chaos 2015
LL 330.0151954/OXF   The Oxford handbook of Bayesian econometrics 2013
330.1/QUI Quiggin, John Zombie economics 2012
332.632/BRY Bryan, Dick, author. Capitalism with derivatives 2006
335.43098/HAR Harnecker, Marta, author. A world to build 2015
335.8309519/HWA Hwang, Dongyoun, author. Anarchism in Korea 2016
335.830952/KON Konishi, Sho Anarchist modernity 2013
LL 337/BAL Baldwin, Richard E., author. The great convergence 2016
LL 338.04/NEC Neck, Heidi M., author. Entrepreneurship 2018
LL 338.04/RES   Research handbook of entrepreneurial exit 2016
LL 338.04/STO Stone, Brad, author. The upstarts 2017
LL 338.040721/HAN   Handbook of qualitative research techniques and analysis in entrepreneurship 2017
LL 338.064/HAR Harford, Tim, 1973- author. Fifty things that made the modern economy 2017
LL 338.0640973/STA   State of innovation 2011
338.19/ENV   Environmental assessment and management in the food industry 2016
338.477/REC Reckwitz, Andreas, author. The invention of creativity 2017
338.5/PER Perloff, Jeffrey M., author. Microeconomics 2018
338.5/VAR Varian, Hal R., author. Intermediate microeconomics with calculus 2014
LL 338.542/ANO Castells, Manuel, 1942- author. Another economy is possible 2017
LL 338.88/FOR Forsgren, Mats, author. Theories of the multinational firm 2017
LL 338.88/HAN   Handbook of emerging market multinational corporations 2016
LL 338.88/OXF   The Oxford handbook of international business 2010
338.967/JER Jerven, Morten, 1978- author. Poor numbers 2013
339.094/BUR Burda, Michael C., author. Macroeconomics 2017
339/HEI Heijdra, Ben J., author. Foundations of modern macroeconomics 2017
LL 341.23/OXF   The Oxford handbook on the United Nations 2008
LL 341.584/OXF   The Oxford handbook of United Nations peacekeeping operations 2017
LL 341.6/OXF   The Oxford handbook of the use of force in international law 2015
343.4107862/FUR Furst, Stephen, author. Keating on construction contracts 2016
343.4107862/FUR Furst, Stephen, author. Keating on construction contracts 2017
346.013/FEM   Feminist and queer legal theory 2009
LL 346.0482/KLE Klein, Bethany, author. Understanding copyright 2015
353.1/PRI Price, Stuart, 1958- author. Worst-case scenario? 2011
355.02/MUE Mueller, John E. The remnants of war 2007
LL 355.031094/SLO Sloan, Stanley R., author. Defense of the west 2016
361.1/OMA O'Malley, Pat Risk, uncertainty, and government 2004
LL 363.25968/ALT Altheide, Cory Digital forensics with open source tools 2011
LL 363.25968/CAR Carrier, Brian File system forensic analysis 2005
LL 363.25968/HOL Holt, Thomas J. Cybercrime and digital forensics 2015
LL 363.25968/SAM Sammons, John, author. The basics of digital forensics 2015
LL 363.25968/WID Widup, Suzanne Computer forensics and digital investigation with Encase Forensic v7 2014
363.325/HEA Heath-Kelly, Charlotte, author. Death and security 2017
363.325/ILL   Illusions of terrorism and counter-terrorism 2015
LL 363.325/JAR Jarvis, Lee Times of terror 2009
363.325/RIC Richards, Anthony, author. Conceptualizing terrorism 2015
LL 363.32512/RIS   Risk and the war on terror 2008
LL 363.32516/ASS   Assessing the war on terror 2017
363.34/KAT   The 'Katrina effect' 2015
363.34922/NEO   The neoliberal deluge 2011
363.34953/LIS   The Lisbon earthquake of 1755 2015
363.34953/PAI Paice, Edward Wrath of God 2009
363.34953/SHR Shrady, Nicholas The last day 2009
364.38/BEA Bean, Philip Madness and crime 2011
364.38/PRI Prins, Herschel A. Offenders, deviants or patients? 2015
378.12/FOR   Forming, recruiting and managing the academic profession 2015
LL 378.125/ENH   Enhancing learning and teaching in higher education 2015
LL 381.4578/MOR Morris, Jeremy Wade, 1976- author. Selling digital music, formatting culture 2015
388.312/TRA   Traffic engineering handbook 2015
LL 401.41/BOR Boreus, Kristina, author. Analyzing text and discourse 2017
401.41/ROU   The Routledge handbook of critical discourse studies 2018
420.141/ROU   The Routledge handbook of language in the workplace 2018
502.855133/LAN Langtangen, Hans Petter, 1962- author. Python scripting for computational science 2010
511.3/SCH Schumacher, Carol Chapter zero 2001
511.43/YIG Yi, Grace Y., author. Statistical analysis with measurement error or misclassification 2017
518.25/PRA Prasad, Chandra Shekhar, author. FEM modeling to verify residual stress in orthogonal machining 2010
LL 519.50285/LEE Lee, Nick, 1975- author. Business statistics using Excel & SPSS 2016
519.542/PUT Puterman, Martin L. Markov decision processes 2005
520/CON Consolmagno, Guy, 1952- author. Turn left at Orion 2011
523.80223/DUN Dunlop, Storm, author. 2017 guide to the night sky 2016
539.72/CAH Cahn, Robert N. The experimental foundations of particle physics 2009
540/CHE   Chemistry3 2017
551.483/RIV International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics , creator. River flow 2016 2016
571.6381/FRE Freshney, R. Ian, author. Culture of animal cells 2016
LL 609/JOH Johnson, Steven, 1968- author. Wonderland 2017
610.28/MOB   Mobile health 2017
612.044/BAR Bartlett, Roger, author. Introduction to sports biomechanics 2014
612.391/GUY Guyenet, Stephan J., author. The hungry brain 2017
613.2/ESS   Essentials of human nutrition 2017
613.711/BOY Boyle, Michael, 1959- author. New functional training for sports 2016
615.1/PHA Rang, H. P., author. Rang and Dale's pharmacology 2016
LL 616.02774/STE Taylor, Marilyn L., author. Unraveling the mysteries of case study research 2017
616.02774/STE   Stem cell and tissue engineering 2011
616.7/OXF Textbook of musculoskeletal medicine. Oxford textbook of musculoskeletal medicine 2016
616.891656/COL Collins, Lorna, 1981- author. Making sense 2016
617.1027/SPO   Sports injuries 2011
617.5810592/AFF Affatato, Saverio, author. Perspectives in total hip arthroplasty 2014
617.954/PRI   Principles of regenerative medicine 2011
620.0042028/FEI Feiler, Peter H., author. Model-based engineering with AADL 2015
620.112/SMA   Smart textiles 2017
LL 621.309/ROA Roach, Craig Simply electrifying 2017
621.312429/POL   Polymer electrolyte fuel cell durability 2009
621.367/GON Gonzalez, Rafael C. Digital image processing 2018
621.381/WID Widmer, Neal S., author. Digital systems 2018
621.38224/WIL Williams, Tim, 1954- author. EMC for product designers 2017
LL 621.384/KEY   Key technologies for 5G wireless systems 2017
LL 621.38456/MER Merchant, Brian, author. The one device 2017
LL 621.38456/TOW   Towards 5G 2017
621.433/SAR Saravanamuttoo, H. I. H. Gas turbine theory 2017
621.988/SMY Smyth, Clifford T., author. Functional design for 3D printing 2017
624.151/LOM Lommler, John C. Geotechnical problem solving 2012
624.151/XIA Xiao, Ming, 1972- author. Geotechnical engineering design 2015
624.15136/CAR Carter, Michael, 1945-, author. Soil properties and their correlations 2016
624.15136/JOS Joseph, Paul G., author. Dynamical systems-based soil mechanics 2017
624.154/RAJ Rajapakse, Ruwan, author. Pile design and construction rules of thumb 2016
624.1762/EST Estrada, Hector, author. Introduction to earthquake engineering 2017
624.193/MAI Maidl, Bernhard, author. Handbook of tunnel engineering II 2013
624/BRI Briaud, J.-L. Geotechnical engineering 2013
628.16/BES   Best practice guide on the control of arsenic in drinking water 2017
628.38/WAS   Wastewater and biosolids management 2017
629.8/NIS Nise, Norman S., author. Nise's control systems engineering 2017
629.836/ISE Isermann, Rolf Adaptive control systems 1992
LL 629.892/LYN Lynch, Kevin M., author. Modern robotics 2017
LL 640.73/GOL Goldsmith, Elizabeth B., author. Consumer economics 2016
LL 650.0721/ERI Eriksson, Paivi, author. Qualitative methods in business research 2016
LL 650.1/POY Poynton, Robert, author. Do improvise 2013
LL 658.0072/OLE O'Leary, Zina, author. Workplace research 2016
LL 658.00723/GUM Gummesson, Evert, 1936- author. Case theory in business and management 2017
658.044/CHI Child, John Cooperative strategy 2005
LL 658.044/COL   Collaborative strategy 2017
LL 658.045/SAG   The Sage handbook of family business 2014
LL 658.045/ZEL Zellweger, Thomas M., author. Managing the family business 2017
658.046/FIN Froud, Julie, author. Financialization and strategy 2006
LL 658.049/CUE Cuervo-Cazurra, Alvaro, author. Emerging market multinationals 2016
658.049/GHE Ghemawat, Pankaj, [author] The laws of globalization and business applications 2017
LL 658.0490951/TIA Tian, Xiaowen, 1956- author. Managing international business in China 2016
LL 658.1/COG Coghlan, David, author. Inside organizations 2016
LL 658.11/HIS Hisrich, Robert D., author. Advanced introduction to corporate venturing 2016
LL 658.15/COR Cornwall, Jeffrey R., author. Entrepreneurial financial management 2016
LL 658.15/FAB Fabozzi, Frank J., author. Entrepreneurial finance and accounting for high-tech companies 2016
LL 658.1592/LAN Landstrom, Hans, author. Advanced introduction to entrepreneurial finance 2017
LL 658.18/CAI Cairns, George, Professor, author. A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about international business 2017
LL 658.3/ARM Armstrong, Michael, 1928- author. Armstrong's handbook of human resource management practice 2017
LL 658.3/KEW Kew, John, author. Human resource management in a business context 2016
658.3125/ROU   The Routledge companion to performance management and control 2018
LL 658.314/CAP   Capitalizing on creativity at work 2017
LL 658.401/HOF Hoffman, Bryce G., author. Red teaming 2017
658.4012/RAM Ramirez, Rafael, 1956- author. Strategic reframing 2016
LL 658.4012/STR   Strategy 2017
LL 658.4052/HEU De Heus, Geurt Jan, author. Mastering the art of negotiation 2017
LL 658.406/DAW Dawson, Patrick, author. Managing change, creativity & innovation 2017
LL 658.4063/ANT Anthony, Scott D., author. The little black book of innovation 2017
LL 658.4063/GOF Goffin, Keith, author. Innovation management 2017
LL 658.4063/GOO Goodman, Malcolm, author. Creativity and strategic innovation management 2017
LL 658.4063/SAM Samson, Danny, author. Innovation and entrepreneurship 2016
LL 658.4063082/RES   Research handbook on gender and innovation 2016
LL 658.408/AMA Amatulli, Cesare, author. Sustainable luxury brands 2017
LL 658.408/CHA Chandler, David, 1969- author. Strategic corporate social responsibility 2017
658.408/THO Thompson, Marcus, author. Social entrepreneurs 2017
LL 658.4092/ALV Alvesson, Mats, 1956- author. Reflexive leadership 2017
LL 658.4092/BAR Barnes, Stewart, author. LEADing small business 2016
LL 658.4092/MAC McKeown, Les , 1956- author. Do lead 2014
LL 658.4092/SCH Schedlitzki, Doris, author. Studying leadership 2014
LL 658.4092072/RES   Researching power, elites and leadership 2012
LL 658.4094/PUC Puccio, Gerard J., author. Organizational creativity 2018
LL 658.421/GAR Gartner, William B., author. Entrepreneurship as organizing 2017
LL 658.421/HAN   Handbook of research on corporate entrepreneurship 2016
LL 658.421/HAN   Handbook of research on international entrepreneurship strategy 2017
LL 658.421/LOW Lwe Nielsen, Suna, author. Entrepreneurship in theory and practice 2017
LL 658.421/RES   Research handbook on entrepreneurial teams 2017
LL 658.421/SCA Scaramucci, Anthony, author. Hopping over the rabbit hole 2016
LL 658.45/BER Berti, Marco, 1065- author. Elgar introduction to organizational discourse analysis 2017
LL 658.45/COR Cornelissen, Joep, author. Corporate communication 2017
LL 658.5/PIC Pichler, Roman, author. Strategize 2016
LL 658.575/BAN Banfield, Richard, author. Product leadership 2017
658.5752/MAC McElroy, Kathryn, author. Prototyping for designers 2017
LL 658.8/NEW   New luxury management 2017
LL 658.8/NIJ Nijssen, E. J. , 1963- author. Entrepreneurial marketing 2017
LL 658.80120721/RES Sorensen, Flemming Research methods in service innovation 2017
658.802/PEL Pelsmacker, Patrick de, 1957- author. Marketing communications 2018
LL 658.827/HIE Hieatt, David, author. Do purpose 2014
LL 658.8342/EAS East, Robert, 1940- author. Consumer behaviour 2017
LL 658.84/ALB Albaum, Gerald, author. International marketing and export management 2016
LL 658/GRE Grey, Christopher, 1964- author. A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about studying organizations 2017
LL 659.1/SEM   Advertising and promotions 2012
671.35/GRZ Grzesik, Wit Advanced machining processes of metallic materials 2017
681.761/MED   Medical instrumentation 2010
686.22/BAU Baudin, Fernand How typography works (and why it is imporant) 1989
686.224/BLA Blackwell, Lewis, 1958- author. Twentieth-century type and beyond 2013
696.0218/AME American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Energy standard for buildings except low-rise residential buildings 2016
697.92/AME American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality 2016
697/AME American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Standard 55-2013 user's manual : ANSI/ASHRAE standard 55-2013 : thermal environmental conditions for 2013
697/AME American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Thermal environmental conditions for human occupancy 2013
LL 701.1/NEL Nelson, George, 1908-1986, author. How to see 2017
701.18/NAR   Narratives unfolding 2017
707.2/CAZ Cazeaux, Clive, author. Art, research, philosophy 2017
709.04/JON Jones, Caroline A., author. The global work of art 2016
711.4/HED Hedman, Richard Fundamentals of urban design 1984
720.9494 ZUM Zumthor, Peter Peter Zumthor 2014
720.952 FUJ/POL Pollock, Naomi R., author. Sou Fujimoto 2016
741.019/CLA Clayton, Elaine Making marks 2014
741.092/SER Serra, Richard Richard Serra drawing 2011
741.2/BAU Bautista, Traci, author. Doodles unleashed 2012
LL 741.6/BUR Burrill, Anthony, author, artist. Make it now! 2017
LL 741.6/GRA   Graphic 2017
741.60941 REI Reid, Jamie Up they rise 1987
LL 745.4/COR Cordin, Giulia, 1989- author. Narrative design 2016
LL 745.4/MOO Moore, Alan, author. Do design 2016
745.4072/ROU   The Routledge companion to design research 2018
745.40947/LAV Lavrent?ev, A. N. Russian design 1995
745.61/SIX   Sixty alphabets 1986
745.6199/TRA   Traces of words 2017
746.92/HIL Hill, Colleen, 1982- author. Fairy tale fashion 2016
746/MIL Miller, Ellen W., author. Creating couture embellishment 2017
759.13 GUS Guston, Philip Philip Guston & the poets 2017
777.7/ILL   The illusion of life II 2007
781.42/HUR Huron, David Brian, author. Voice leading 2016
LL 791.430951/KOK Kokas, Aynne, 1979- author. Hollywood made in China 2017
791.436581/YOU Youngblood, Denise J. Russian war films 2007
LL 791.45015/ODO O'Donnell, Victoria, author. Television criticism 2017
796.019/GIL Gill, Diane L., 1948- author. Psychological dynamics of sport and exercise 2017
796.019/GLO   Global practices and training in applied sport, exercise, and performance psychology 2016
LL 796.0694/MIL Miller, Toby, author. Greenwashing sport 2018
LL 796.082/WOM   Women in sport leadership 2017
LL 796.088297/SPO   Sport in Islam and in Muslim communities 2017
LL 796.0941/SLO Slot, Owen, author. The talent lab 2017
LL 796.098/SPO   Sport in Latin America 2017
LL 796.334094/KEN Kennedy, Peter , author. Football in neo-liberal Times 2017
LL 796.48/TOU   Tourism at the Olympic Games 2017
808.0666137/PRI Price, Mike Lab reports and projects in sport and exercise science 2013
LL 808.06665/TIS Tissington, Patrick, author. How to write successful business & management essays 2017
809.3872/PEP Pepper, Andrew, 1969- author. Unwilling executioner 2016
809.9335266/CAM   The Cambridge companion to lesbian literature 2015
811.5 POU/PRA Pratt, William Ezra Pound and the making of modernism 2007
813.5 FIT/BRO Brown, David S. , 1966- author. Paradise lost 2017
820.9/REV   Revolution, evolution and endurance in Anglophone literature and culture 2017
821.5099287/KEN Kennedy, Deborah, 1959- author. Poetic sisters 2014
821.91 MAN Mansfield, Katherine, 1888-1923, author. The collected poems of Katherine Mansfield 2016
823.087209/STE Stewart, Victoria, 1971- author. Crime writing in interwar Britain 2017
823.8 CAR/BEE Beer, Gillian, author. Alice in space 2016
823.8 ELI/DAV Davis, Philip The transferred life of George Eliot 2017
823.91 CAR Carrington, Leonora The complete stories of Leonora Carrington 2017
823.91 GAI/NEI   Neil Gaiman in the 21st century 2015
823.91 MAN/KIM Kimber, Gerri, author. Katherine Mansfield 2016
LL 907.2/HAN Hannan, Leonie, author. History through material culture 2017
907/BLA Black, Jeremy, 1955- author. Studying history 2017
LL 909.08/KEN Kennedy, Paul M. The rise and fall of the great powers 1989
LR 937.07/HOL Holland, Tom Dynasty 2016
940.5488673/BIR Bird, William L. Design for victory 1998
956.102/ZUR Zurcher, Erik Jan, author. Turkey 2017
956.9405/HAR Harms, Gregory, author. The Palestine-Israel conflict 2017
?hall, L. Emotions, politics and war 2017
Achinstein, Sharon, author. Milton and the revolutionary reader 1994
Adams, M Kropotkin, Read, and the intellectual history of British anarchism 2015
Adria, M 10x10 2: 100 architects 2005
Akers, M Marina Abramovic: the artist is present 2012
Alberts, Bruce, author. Essential cell biology 2014
Anderson, Simon P. Discrete choice theory of product differentiation 1992
Baccaro, L Trajectories of neoliberal transformation 2017
Bagilhole, B. Generation and gender in academia 2014
Bailey, D The political economy of Brexit 2017
Barker, H Lot and his God 2006
Bartos, Adam Kosmos: a portrait of the Russian space age 2001
Bateman, J Multimodality 2017
Beattie, G Management of finite element analysis: guidelines to best practice 1995
EB Berger, Peter L., 1929- author. The social construction of reality 2011
Berkoff, S Steven Berkoff: one-act plays 2012
Berrizbeitia, A Inside outside: between architecture and landscape 2007
Bieri, A. Crisis, credibility, and corporate history 2014
Biggs, J Letter-forms and lettering 1977
Bon, F Jacques Villegle 2007
EB Bossen, Laurel Bound feet, young hands 2017
Brenner, J Life of bone 2012
Broom, J Fight the good fight: voices of faith from the first world war 2015
Broom, J Fight the good fight: voices of faith from the second world war 2016
Brown, Jennifer, 1948- author. Forensic psychology 2015
Browne, Simone, 1973- author. Dark matters 2015
EB Bull, Hedley The anarchical society 2012
Bulmer, M. Sociological research methods 1996
Bunnik, A Big data challenges: society, security, innovation and ethics 2016
Buttle, Mark Out in the Cold: Emergency water supply and sanitation for cold regions 2004
Buyya, R Big data: principles and paradigms 2016
Cai, Xiang, 1953- author. Revolution and its narratives 2016
EB Case, Amber, author. Calm technology 2016
Centeno, Miguel Angel Blood and debt 2003
Chambers, Robert Can we know better? : reflections for development 2017
EB Chaston, Ian, author. Internet marketing and big data exploitation 2015
Chaston, I Internet marketing and big data exploitation 2015
Cheeseman, N Democracy in Africa 2015
Chen, T A state beyond the state: deciphering Chinese urban transformation 2017
Chris Evans Learning Curve 2017
Clayton, J The great Gatsby 2003
SL Clayton, J The innocents 2006
Coe, S. The winning mind 2010
EB Coleman, Ben, author. Designing UX 2017
Collmann, J Ethical reasoning in big data 2016
Comino, Stefano Industrial organization of high-technology markets : the Internet and information technologies 2015
Cordon, C Strategy is digital: how companies can use big data in the value chain 2016
EB Corea, Francesco, author. Big data analytics 2016
Corea, F Big data analytics: a management perspective 2016
Croft, Tony, 1957- author. Engineering mathematics 2017
Crouch, Colin The knowledge corrupters : hidden consequences of the financial takeover of public life 2015
Daft, R Organization theory & design 2017
Danesi, M. Popular culture 2015
David Platt The joy of UX : user experience and interactive design for developers 2016
David Rosand Drawing Acts : Studies in Graphic Expression and Representation 2016
Davies, William, 1976- author. The limits of neoliberalism 2017
Daviies, G Forensic psychology : crime, justice, law, interventions 2017
Davis, Bradley Camp, author. Imperial bandits 2017
De Zegher, C Julie Mehretu: the drawings 2007
Deleuze, Gilles, 1925-1995, author. A thousand plateaus 2013
Deresky, Helen International management : managing across borders and cultures : text and cases 2016
Dick, F. Winning matters 2010
Dick, F. Winning 2006
Douglas J. Cumming Crowdfunding : Fundamental Cases, Facts, and Insights 2017
Doxiadis, Apostolos. Logicomix 2009
Dunning, John H. Multinational enterprises and the global economy 2008
Edwards, R. What is qualitative interviewing? 2013
Emrouznejad, A Big data optimization: recent developments and challenges 2016
Engelbrecht, L Modern mark making 2008
EB Epstein, Marc J. Making sustainability work 2014
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