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Classification Author Title Year
LL 001.42/THO Thomas, Gary, 1950- author. Doing research 2017
LL 001.433/HAM Ham, Vanessa van der, author. Analyzing a case study 2016
001.90973/STE Steinmeyer, Jim Charles Fort 2008
004.6/HEG Hegering, Heinz-Gerd, 1943- author. Integrated management of networked systems 1999
LL 005.10285/DEV Devadas, Srinivas, author. Programming for the puzzled 2017
005.14/FRA Francez, Nissim Program verification 1992
LL 005.437019/TUL Tullis, Tom , author. Measuring the user experience 2013
LL 006.31/KEL Kelleher, John D. Fundamentals of machine learning for predictive data analytics 2015
LL 006.312/TSV Tsvetovat, Maksim, author. Social network analysis for startups 2011
006.686/AFF Affinity Team, author. Affinity photo workbook 2017
025.04/DES De Saulles, Martin, author. Information 2.0 2015
070.509421/MIL Milhous, Judith, author. The publication of plays in London 1660-1800 2015
126/MUL Mulhall, Stephen, 1962- author. The self and its shadows 2016
144.3/CAM   The Cambridge companion to pragmatism 2013
LL 152.41/EMP   Empathy 2017
153.830721/HAN   A handbook of process tracing methods for decision research 2011
158.5/URY Ury, William Getting past no 1992
LL 158.72/DEW Dewe, Philip Well-being and work 2012
300.1/HUT Hutchinson, Phil , author. There is no such thing as a social science 2016
LL 300.72/BAN Banks, Marcus, author. Visual methods in social research 2015
LL 300.721/CRE Creswell, John W., author. Research design 2018
LL 300.721/SIL Silverman, David, 1943- author. Doing qualitative research 2017
LL 300.722/YIN Yin, Robert K., author. Case study research and applications 2018
LL 300.723/SEI Seidman, Irving Interviewing as qualitative research 2013
301.01/MUS Mussell, Simon, author. Critical theory and feeling 2017
301.0721/VOM Vom Lehn, Dirk Harold Garfinkel 2014
302.12/BEC Beck, Matthias, 1964- author. Risk 2014
302.2301/CON   Conditions of mediation 2017
LL 302.23072/RUD Ruddock, Andy, author. Exploring media research 2017
LL 302.23072/STO Stokes, Jane C. How to do media and cultural studies 2013
302.230951/CHI   China's media go global 2018
302.231095/ASI   Asian video cultures 2017
302.346/ARM Arminen, Ilkka, author. Institutional interaction 2016
LL 302.346/GRE Greatbatch, David, 1953- author. Using conversation analysis for business and management students 2018
303.482/STE Steger, Manfred B., 1961- author. Globalization 2017
304.2/MAC McCormack, Derek P. Refrains for moving bodies 2013
LL 304.28/MIL Miller, Toby, author. Greenwashing culture 2018
305.26/GUL Gullette, Margaret Morganroth Aged by culture 2004
305.26/SEG Segal, Lynne, author. Out of time 2014
305.42/GEN   Gender, monitoring, evaluation and learning 2018
LL 305.8001/MAD Madden, Raymond, author. Being ethnographic 2017
305.8009729/PUR Puri, Shalini, author. The Caribbean postcolonial 2004
305.8914/ROU   Routledge handbook of the South Asian diaspora 2013
305.89144/ALE Alexander, Claire E., author. The Bengal diaspora 2016
306.099613/FRO   From Samoa with love? 2014
306.360721/ETH   Ethnomethodology at work 2016
306.4613/HAN Handley, Sasha, author. Sleep in early modern England 2016
306.483/ROU   Routledge handbook of the sociology of sport 2018
307.760727/SIN Singleton, Alexander D., author. Urban analytics 2018
307.76096/RUR   Rural-urban dynamics 2014
320.01/SLA Slaboch, Matthew W., author. A road to nowhere 2018
320.0973/EVO   The evolution of political knowledge 2004
LL 320.1/BRO Brown, Wendy Walled states, waning sovereignty 2017
320.5662/TRA   Transformations of populism in Europe and the Americas 2017
320.5662094/LEF   The left, the people, populism 2016
320.951/LEE Lee, Ann What the U.S. can learn from China 2012
320.951/TOG   To govern China 2017
320.98/VAN Vanden, Harry E., author. Politics of Latin America 2018
321.803/ENC   Encyclopedia of democratic thought 2014
322.4/RAD   Radical democracy and collective movements today 2016
324.241097/BUL Bullock, Ian, 1941- author. Under siege 2017
324.24607/ERR Errejon, Inigo, author. Podemos 2016
324.24607/IGL Iglesias Turrion, Pablo Politics in a time of crisis 2015
324.249507/SHE Sheehan, Helena, author. The Syriza wave 2017
324.730973/HOW Howard, Philip N., author. New media campaigns and the managed citizen 2006
325.3440965/SHE Shepard, Todd The invention of decolonization 2008
325.4/BOR   The borders of "Europe" 2017
325.7309729/LAN Langley, Lester D. The banana wars 1983
LL 327.101/ODY Odysseos, Louiza The subject of coexistence 2007
LL 327.12/GIL Gill, Peter Intelligence in an insecure world 2012
LL 327.4100904/SHA Sharp, Paul Thatcher's diplomacy 1999
327.47056/ISR Israelian, Viktor Levonovich, 1919-2005, author. Inside the Kremlin during the Yom Kippur War 1997
330.126/JOH Johnson, Norman Mixed economies of welfare 1998
330.126/WEL   The welfare state reader 2014
LL 330.91722/HAS Haskel, Jonathan, author. Capitalism without capital 2018
333.7932096/OCK Ockwell, David G., author. Sustainable energy for all 2017
335.83/BRI   Brill's companion to anarchism and philosophy 2017
335.8309468/KAP Kaplan, Temma, 1942- author. Anarchists of Andalusia, 1868-1903 2015
338.4767731/PLA Platman, Lara. Harris Tweed 2011
338.47687/HOW Howarth, Stephen, author. Henry Poole 2003
338.5/RIC Rickard, Sean The economics of organizations and strategy 2006
338.85/ANT   The antitrust revolution 2014
LL 338.88/STA   State-owned multinationals 2018
341.584/CHE Chesterman, Simon You, the people 2005
343.4107869/TRI Tricker, Ray, author. Building regulations in brief 2018
LL 346.048/JOH Johnson, Stephen , author. The Economist guide to intellectual property 2015
LL 346.048/VAI Vaidhyanathan, Siva, author. Intellectual property 2017
LL 346.41048/BAI Bainbridge, David I., author. Intellectual property asset management 2014
LL 346.41048/BAI Bainbridge, David I. Intellectual property 2012
355.425/MOC Mockaitis, Thomas R. British counterinsurgency in the post-imperial era 1995
LL 356.160973/NEV Neville, Leigh, author. Special Forces in the War on Terror 2015
361.26/OLI Oliver, Kelly, 1958- author. Carceral humanitarianism 2017
361.61/INT   International social policy 2009
361.61/KEN Kennedy, Patricia Key themes in social policy 2013
361.610941/ALC Alcock, Peter, 1951- author. Social policy in Britain 2014
361.610941/HIL Hill, Michael J. Understanding social policy 2009
361.610941/HUD Hudson, John Understanding the policy process 2009
361.610973/GIR Giroux, Henry A., author. America's addiction to terrorism 2016
361.613094/SOC   Social policy and citizenship 2013
361.650941/FRA Fraser, Derek, author. The evolution of the British welfare state 2017
361.650941/PAG Page, Robert M. Revisiting the welfare state 2007
362.29/BER Berridge, Virginia, author. Demons 2013
362.29/DRU   Drugs 1999
362.29/NUT Nutt, David J. Drugs - without the hot air 2012
362.29/ROB Robson, Philip Forbidden drugs 2009
362.290941/DRU   Drugs 2006
362.290941/ESS   The essential student reader on drugs 2008
362.290941/SED Seddon, Toby A history of drugs 2010
362.291561/MAC McKeganey, Neil P. Controversies in drugs policy and practice 2011
LL 363.32516/MAS Masco, Joseph The theater of operations 2014
363.340973/MIL Mileti, Dennis S., author. Disasters by design 1999
363.4502854/MAR Martin, James, 1981- author. Drugs on the dark net 2014
363.45094/DUY Duyne, P. C. van Drugs and money 2005
364.13365/POW Power, Mike , author. Drugs 2.0 2014
364.177/HAM Hammersley, Richard Drugs and crime 2008
364.177/HAR Hari, Johann, author. Chasing the scream 2016
364.1770941/BEA Bean, Philip Legalising drugs 2010
364.1770941/DAL Daly, Max, author. Narcomania 2013
364.1770941/DRU   Drugs in Britain 2007
364.1770941/UND   Understanding drug selling in communities 2005
364.1770973/FRI Friesendorf, Cornelius, author. US foreign policy and the war on drugs 2014
364.3/OXF   The Oxford handbook of offender decision making 2017
364.68/DIV Smith, Roger S. , 1953- author. Diversion in youth justice 2018
365.450951/WAN Wang, Ning, 1964- author. Banished to the great northern wilderness 2017
LL 370.117/DOL Dolby, Nadine Rethinking multicultural education for the next generation 2012
372.21014/BAT Bateman, Amanda Conversation analysis and early childhood education 2015
384.10954/BON Bonea, Amelia, author. The news of empire 2016
387.70685/WUC Wu, Cheng-Lung Airline operations and delay management 2010
391.0086927/ASH Ash, Juliet Dress behind bars 2010
391.10941/AMI Amies, Hardy, 1909-2003, author. The Englishman's suit 2009
401.41/ENF Enfield, N. J., 1966- author. How we talk 2017
428.24/JED Jednaszewski, Piotr Roleplays for international business and negotiations 2014
428.2402465/POW Powell, Mark, author. International negotiations 2012
500.82/GAS Gaston, Nicola, author. Why science is sexist 2015
510.245/KAN Kantorovich, Lev, author. Mathematics for natural scientists 2016
510.245/KAN Kantorovich, Lev, author. Mathematics for natural scientists 2016
511.3/BEN Ben-Ari, M., 1948- author. Mathematical logic for computer science 2012
511.314/RES Rescher, Nicholas Temporal logic 1971
512.202453/ZEE Zee, A., author. Group theory in a nutshell for physicists 2016
515.352/HUM Humi, Mayer, author. Second course in ordinary differential equations for scientists and engineers 1988
515.353/GRI Griffiths, D. F. , author. Essential partial differential equations 2015
515/ABB Abbott, Stephen, 1964- author. Understanding analysis 2015
515/TAO Tao, Terence, 1975- author. Analysis I 2014
519.23/JON Jones, P. W. , 1945- author. Stochastic processes 2018
519.535/DUN Duncan, Terry E., author. An introduction to latent variable growth curve modeling 2011
519.536/MAT Matloff, Norman S., author. Statistical regression and classification 2017
520/PHO Photinos, Panos, author. Visual astronomy 2015
522.2/KIT Kitchin, C. R. Telescopes and techniques 2013
523.01/MAO Maoz, Dan, author. Astrophysics in a nutshell 2016
523.7/SOL Handbuch fur Sonnenbeobachter. English Solar astronomy handbook 1995
526/KRY Krygier, John, author. Making maps 2016
530.11/ZEE Zee, A. Einstein gravity in a nutshell 2013
537.623/KLE Kleiner, Reinhold, author. Superconductivity 2016
537.623/MAN Mangin, Philippe, author. Superconductivity 2017
537/GAR Garg, Anupam Kumar Classical electromagnetism in a nutshell 2012
537/MOL Moliton, Andre, author. Basic electromagnetism and materials 2010
547.7/MOR Morsali, Ali, author. Main group metal coordination polymers 2017
547.7/MOR Moruzzi, Peter Palm Springs holiday 2009
SL 551.307/CAT   Catastrophic landslides 2002
551.353/SHR Shreve, Ronald L. The Blackhawk landslide 1968
577.3/OLI Oliver, Chadwick Dearing Forest stand dynamics 1990
577.64/ART Arthington, Angela H. Environmental flows 2012
594.56138/GOD Godfrey-Smith, Peter, author. Other minds 2017
610.28/NAN   Nanobiomaterials 2018
612.825/PAY Payne, Stephen , author. Cerebral blood flow and metabolism 2018
613.076/BAU Bauman, Adrian E. , author. Evaluation in a nutshell 2014
613.2083/EAR   Early nutrition and long-term health 2017
613.70721/CAS Casey, Ashley, author. Conducting practitioner research in physical education and youth sport 2018
620.00151/DUF Duffy, Dean G. Advanced engineering mathematics with MATLAB 2017
620.0042/HAI Haik, Yousef, 1963- author. Engineering design process 2018
620.106/DAR Darby, Ron, 1932- author. Chemical engineering fluid mechanics 2017
620.1064/TAR Tardu, Sedat, 1959- author. Wall turbulence control 2017
620.110113/LEE Lee, June Gunn, author. Computational materials science 2017
620.112/FLE Flewitt, P. E. J. Physical methods for materials characterisation 2017
620.112/MAT   Materials under extreme conditions 2017
620.112/MOT Mott, Robert L., author. Applied strength of materials 2017
620.112/SMA   Smart materials for smart living 2017
620.11297/ADV   Advanced thermoelectrics 2018
620.11299/FRO   From microstructure investigations to multiscale modeling 2017
620.115/TWO   2D inorganic materials beyond graphene 2018
620.118/AGA Agarwal, Bhagwan D., author. Analysis and performance of fiber composites 2018
620.118/BOU Bouvet, Christophe, author. Mechanics of aeronautical composite materials 2017
620.118/HAN   Handbook of composites from renewable materials 2017
620.118/HAN   Handbook of composites from renewable materials 2017
620.118/HAN   Handbook of composites from renewable materials 2017
620.1404233/PEL Pelleg, Joshua Creep in ceramics 2017
620.19/RIS   Risk management of complex inorganic materials 2018
621.31924/SCA Scaddan, Brian 17th edition IET wiring regulations 2015
LL 621.3822/PAR   Parametric time-frequency domain spatial audio 2018
624.10286/STR   Structural materials and global climate 2017
624.151/ENG   Engineering geology and geomorphology of glaciated and periglaciated terrains 2017
P 624.1513602/GEO   Geotechnical investigation and testing - laboratory testing of soil 2004
624.1771/LAR Larsen, Olga Popovic, author. Conceptual structural design 2016
624.1834/ALE Alexander, Mark , author. Durability of concrete 2017
629.1/COR Corda, Stephen, 1958- author. Introduction to aerospace engineering with a flight test perspective 2017
629.134353/ELS El-Sayed, Ahmed F., author. Aircraft propulsion and gas turbine engines 2017
629.1346/AIR   Aircraft sustainment and repair 2018
629.135/UAV   UAV networks and communications 2018
629.2015313/GEN Genta, G. , author. Road vehicle dynamics 2017
629.2293/TEC   Technologies and applications for smart charging of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles 2017
629.231/JAZ Jazar, Reza N., author. Vehicle dynamics 2017
629.2542/LEA   Lead-acid batteries for future automobiles 2017
629.2549/INT   Intelligent vehicles 2018
629.258/AUT   Automated driving 2017
629.411/AZI Azimov, Dilmurat M., author. Analytical solutions for extremal space trajectories 2018
629.4742/HAL Hallock, Harold Louis, 1951- author. ACS without an attitude 2017
629.892/BOC Bock, Thomas Robotic industrialization 2015
646.45/NOR Nordheim, Thomas von, author. Vintage couture tailoring 2012
LL 650.0723/OAT Oates, Caroline, author. Conducting focus groups for business and management students 2018
650.1/FER Ferriss, Timothy, author. Tools of titans 2016
LL 657.0941/HOR Horner, David, 1970- author. Accounting for non-accountants 2017
LL 658.00723/LEE Lee, Bill , author. Conducting case study research for business and management students 2017
LL 658.049/ROS Rosenberg, Michael , author. Strategy and geopolitics 2017
658.3/LAZ Lazear, Edward P., author. Personnel economics in practice 2015
658.4/DAV Davis, Stanley M. Managing corporate culture 1984
658.4012/HIL Hill, Charles W. L. Strategic management 2017
658.4038011/TUR Turban, Efraim, author. Information technology for management 2015
658.404/MIT Mitchell, Bronwyn, author. NEC4 2018
658.4052/MAU Maude, Barry, author. International business negotiation 2014
LL 658.4063/KOL Kolko, Jon Creative clarity 2017
LL 658.408/MAR Martin, Roger L., author. Getting beyond better 2015
658.409/KOC Koch, Richard, 1950- author. The 80 20 manager 2015
LL 658.4092/BLA Blanchard, Kenneth H. Leading at a higher level 2010
LL 658.4092/SCH Schedlitzki, Doris, author. Studying leadership 2018
LL 658.4092019/STE Steinhouse, Robbie, author. Mindful business leadership 2018
LL 658.421/BLU Blundel, Richard, author. Exploring entrepreneurship 2018
LL 658.8/MAS Masterson, Rosalind, author. Marketing 2017
LL 658.800151/MAS   Mastering market analytics 2018
658.812/BER Berry, Leonard L. Discovering the soul of service 1999
LL 658.83/BEN Benzo, Riccardo, author. Marketing research 2018
LL 658.872/TUT Tuten, Tracy L., 1967- author. Social media marketing 2018
LL 659.1/HAC Hackley, Christopher E., author. Advertising & promotion 2018
LL 659.2028546/CLA Clampitt, Phillip G., author. Social media strategy 2018
660.283/TUR Turton, Richard, 1955- author. Chemical process equipment design 2017
660.28449/CUR   Current developments in biotechnology and bioengineering 2018
660.6/DIA   Diatom nanotechnology 2018
660.6/NAN   Nanobiotechnology 2017
660.62/ADV   Advances in applied microbiology 2017
660.63/INT   An introduction to polysaccharide biotechnology 2017
660.63/SHU Shuler, Michael L., 1947- author. Bioprocess engineering 2017
662.88/ROL Rollinson, Andrew N., author. Gasification 2016
664.09/FOO   Food packaging and preservation 2018
CDM 687.068/TRU   The true cost 2015
700.411/DES   Destruction 2017
700.9/HUN Huntsman, Penny, author. Thinking about art 2016
709.02/MAK   Making medieval art 2003
709.04/BIG   A bigger splash 2012
P 709.05014/BLA Blast Theory Ulrike and Eamon compliant 2009
709.4509032/WIT Wittkower, Rudolf Art and architecture in Italy, 1600-1750 1999
709.4509046/ART   Arte povera 1999
720.91/BOT Botz-Bornstein, Thorsten, author. Transcultural architecture 2017
720.973 MEI Meier, Richard, 1934- architect. Richard Meier, architect 2017
724.6/WES Weston, Richard Key buildings of the 20th century 2010
730.94/SEC   Secular sculpture, 1300-1550 2000
738.090512/VIT   Vitamin C 2017
LL 741.51/HAR Hart, Christopher Modern cartooning 2013
LL 741.6/ADA Adams, Sean, author. Color design workbook 2017
LL 745.61/DEA Dean, Peggy , author, illustrator. Brush lettering 2017
746.08/BRY Bryan-Wilson, Julia, author. Fray 2017
746.92/KOD Koda, Harold. The model as muse 2009
746.920945 DOL/LEI Leitch, Luke, author. Vogue on Dolce & Gabbana 2017
746.920945 DOL Dolce & Gabbana 1990-1991 ... 2010-2011 fashion shows, Dolce & Gabbana 2010
746.920945 DOL   10 years of Dolce & Gabbana 1996
759.9492 REM/SIM Simmel, Georg Rembrandt 2005
769.9730904/AME   The American dream 2017
776/CON   Concept art 2007
791.430973/JOH Johns, Howard Palm Springs confidential 2004
791.4334095/DAV Davis, Northrop author. Manga and Anime go to Hollywood 2016
791.436251/RIC Richards, Jeffrey, author. China and the Chinese in popular film 2017
791/COO Cools, Guy, interviewer. Imaginative bodies 2016
792.028/BOD   Body and performance 2013
MAIN 792.0942/MIL Milhous, Judith A register of English theatrical documents, 1660?1737 1991
792.8/LAE Laermans, Rudi, 1957- author. Moving together 2015
792.8013/SOR Sorgel, Sabine, author. Dance and the body in Western theatre 2015
792.80941/MAT   Matthew Bourne and his adventures in dance 2011
792.809421/ESS   The essential inheritance of the London Contemporary Dance Theatre 2004
792.80943/HOG Hoghe, Raimund, 1949- author. Bandoneon 2016
792.82013/LEP Lepecki, Andre, author. Singularities 2016
LL 796.069/ROU   Routledge handbook of sport and the environment 2018
LL 796.0721/SMI Smith, Mark F., author. Research methods in sport 2018
SL 796.33015/WOR World Congress of Science and Football Science and football 2013
LL 808.02/REI Reid, Michelle Report writing 2012
LL 808.042/SWO Sword, Helen, author. Air & light & time & space 2017
LL 808.066378/WIL Williams, Kate, 1949- author. Planning your dissertation 2013
808.0665/BOY Boyle, Jennifer, author. Writing for science students 2017
LL 808.06665/BOW Bowden, John Writing a report 2011
LL 808.06665/FOR Forsyth, Patrick, author. How to write reports and proposals 2016
809.3/FUC Fuchs, Barbara Romance 2004
809.93358/SIN Singh, Julietta, 1976- author. Unthinking mastery 2018
809.9339358/TAT Tate, Andrew, 1971- author. Apocalyptic fiction 2017
810.9/AME   American literature as world literature 2018
813.50912/CHO Chodat, Robert, 1970- author. The matter of high words 2017
821.4 COL   An Collins and the historical imagination 2014
821.8 BLI/DIE Diedrick, James, 1951- author. Mathilde Blind 2016
821.8 HEN Henley, William Ernest, 1849-1903, author. Invictus 2018
822.309/SAU Saunders, Graham, 1965- author. Elizabethan and Jacobean reappropriation in contemporary British drama 2017
822.8 WIL/FRA Frankel, Nicholas, 1962- author. Oscar Wilde 2017
823.91 JAM/MUR Murphy, Patrick J., 1977- author. Medieval studies and the ghost stories of M.R. James 2017
823.91 MAC Machen, Arthur, 1863-1947, author. The great God Pan and other horror stories 2018
823.9109891/BRI   British Asian fiction 2008
823.9209358/LIA Liao, Pei-Chen "Post"-9/11 South Asian diasporic fiction 2013
823.9209921/BRI Chambers, Claire British Muslim fictions 2011
841.8 MAL Mallarme, Stephane Collected poems and other verse 2006
910.285/HAR Harvey, Francis A primer of GIS 2016
951.03/HUA Huang, Pei Reorienting the Manchus 2011
951.04/FEI Feigon, Lee, 1945- author. Chen Duxiu, founder of the Chinese Communist Party 2014
956.046/CON Connelly, Matthew James A diplomatic revolution 2003
959.7043373/SOR Sorley, Lewis, 1934- author. A better war 1999
965.046/EVA Evans, Martin, 1964- author. Algeria 2013
973.932092/WOO Woodward, Bob Obama's wars 2011
Qusay F. Hassan Internet of things 2018
AbdouMaliq Simone New urban worlds : inhabiting dissonant times 2017
EB Aboul-Magd, Osama Wireless local area networks quality of service 2008
EB Abran, Alain, 1949- author. Software project estimation 2015
EB Adouane, Lounis, 1978- author. Autonomous vehicle navigation 2016
EB Ahn, Doyeol, author. Engineering quantum mechanics 2011
Alejandra Bronfman Isles of noise : sonic media in the Caribbean 2016
EB Alper, Meryl, author. Giving voice 2017
EB Altawell, Najib, author. The selection process of biomass materials for the production of bio-fuels and co-firing 2014
EB Ametani, Akihiro, author. Cable system transients 2015
Amin, Ash, author. Seeing like a city 2017
EB Anderson, John B., author. Bandwidth efficient coding 2017
Andresen, L. Battle notes 2003
Andrew, Christopher M. The defence of the realm : the authorized history of MI5 2010
EB Ansari, Nirwan, 1958- author. Green mobile networks 2017
EB Apaydin, Gokhan, author. Radio wave propagation and parabolic equation modeling 2017
EB Aritome, Seiichi, author. NAND flash memory technologies 2015
Armstrong, Paul, 1981- author. Disruptive technologies 2017
EB Arora, Ravindra, author. High Voltage and Electrical Insulation Engineering 2011
EB Arp, Robert, author. Building ontologies with basic formal ontology 2015
EB Arsenault, Dominic, author. Super Power, Spoony Bards, and Silverware 2017
RA Art and architecture source Art and architecture source  
EB Arthur, John W. Understanding geometric algebra for electromagnetic theory 2011
EB Arvidsson, Stefan, 1968- author. The style and mythology of socialism 2018
Arvin Agah Medical applications of artificial intelligence 2013
Atkins, J. Voices of the UK Left 2017
Atrill, Peter, author. Financial management for decision makers 2017
Atrill, Peter Financial management for decision makers 2017
EB Ayers, Mark L., author. Telecommunications system reliability engineering, theory, and practice 2012
EB Azhari, Haim Basics of biomedical ultrasound for engineers 2010
EB Baba, Yoshihiro, author. Electromagnetic computation methods for lightning surge protection studies 2016
EB Bai, Ying, 1956- author. Practical microcontroller engineering with ARMª technology 2015
EB Bai, Ying Practical database programming with Java 2011
EB Bai, Ying Practical database programming with Visual C# .NET 2010
Baier, Christel Principles of model checking 2008
Baier, Christel Principles of model checking 2008
EB Bailey, Donald G. Design for embedded image processing on FPGAs 2011
Balik, Mergen Energy storage in the emerging era of Smart Grids 2018
Balik, Mergen Expert systems for humans, materials and automation 2018
Bamber, Matt Accounting and finance for managers : a decision-making approach 2017
EB Bamberger, Kenneth A., 1968- author. Privacy on the ground 2015
EB Bansal, Rajeev, author. From ER to E.T 2016
Barbieri Icons 2011
Barney, D. The network society 2004
Barney, Darin David The network society 2004
EB Barr, Robert R. , author. The resurgence of populism in Latin America 2017
EB Basso, Christophe P., author. Linear circuit transfer functions 2016
EB Bath, Jasbir, author. Lead-free solder process development 2011
Battershill, C. Using digital humanities in the classroom 2017
EB Bauer, Eric, aut author. Lean computing for the cloud 2016
EB Bauer, Eric, author. Design for reliability 2011
EB Baura, Gail D., author. System theory and practical applications of biomedical signals 2010
Beckford, John, 1958- author. The intelligent organisation 2016
Bedford, D. Study skills for foundation degrees 2013
Berg, J Biochemistry 2015
Bernasco, Wim Offenders on offending : learning about crime from criminals 2010
EB Bernstein, Lawrence Trustworthy systems through quantitative software engineering 2005
EB Bevrani, Hassan, author. Power system monitoring and control 2014
EB Bhaskar DasGupta, author. Models and Algorithms for Biomolecules and Molecular Networks 2016
EB Bhattacharyya, A. B., author. Compact MOSFET models for VLSI design 2009
EB Biernoff, Suzannah Portraits of violence 2017
Bikner-Ahsbahs Approaches to qualitative research in mathematics education 2015
Binder, B Streitfall Stadtmitte: der Berliner Schlossplatz 2009
Birkland, Thomas A., author. An introduction to the policy process 2016
Birkland, T An introduction to the policy process 2016
EB Blair, Thomas H., author. Energy production systems engineering 2017
EB Blogh, J. S. author. Third-generation systems and intelligent wireless networking 2002
EB Blume, Steven Warren, author. Electric power system basics 2016
EB Blume, Steven Warren, author. High voltage protection for telecommunications 2011
Bogad, L. M. Electoral guerilla theatre : radical ridicule and social movements 2016
EB Bollen, Math H. J. Integration of distributed generation in the power system 2011
Bollobas Extremal graph theory 2004
Bolvig, A. History and images 2003
Booth, Wayne The craft of research 2016
EB Borgman, Christine L. From Gutenberg to the global information infrastructure 2003
EB Bottomley, Gregory E. author. Channel equalization for wireless communications 2011
Bradley, D. We gotta get out of this place 2015
EB Braga-Neto, Ulisses de Mendon?ca, author. Error estimation for pattern recognition 2015
EB Braun, Teresa M., author. Satellite Communications Payload and System 2012
EB Brewer, Pam Estes, auteur. International virtual teams 2015
EB Brillson, L. J., author. Surfaces and interfaces of electronic materials 2012
Britton, S The eighth day 2003
Brooks, J. Draw with Jazza 2016
Brown, Wendy, 1955- author. Undoing the demos 2017
EB Brown, Wendy, 1955- author. Walled states, waning sovereignty 2010
EB Bruce, Peter , author. Practical statistics for data scientists 2017
EB Brunton, Finn, 1980-, author. Obfuscation 2015
Bulley, D Ethics as foreign policy 2009
Bunnell, T Urban Asias: essays on futurity past and present 2017
EB Burbank, Jack, author. An introduction to network modeling and simulation for the practicing engineer 2011
Calarco, Matthew Giorgio Agamben : sovereignty and life 2007
EB Cannataro, Mario Data management of protein interaction networks 2012
Carey, Henry F. Subcontracting peace : the challenges of NGO peacebuilding 2017
EB Casazza, John, author. Understanding electric power systems 2010
Cellic, C. Practical solutions to global business negotiations 2012
EB Cellich, Claude Practical solutions to global business negotiations 2012
Cerna Immigration policies and the global competition for talent 2016
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EB   Deformation and fracture behaviour of polymer materials 2017
EB   Dependability benchmarking for computer systems 2008
EB   Design for reliability 2012
EB   Digital terrestrial television broadcasting 2015
EB   Direct digital frequency synthesizers 1998
  Discourse and digital practices 2015
EB   Domain-specific modeling 2008
EB   Doppler radar physiological sensing 2016
EB   Doubly fed induction machine 2011
EB   Economic market design and planning for electric power systems 2009
EB   Electromagnetics of body area networks 2016
EB   Emergent information technologies and enabling policies for counter-terrorism 2010
EB   Emerging methods, technologies, and process management in software engineering 2007
EB   Encyclopedia of cloud computing 2016
EB   Energy efficient distributed computing systems 2012
  Essentials of polymer science and engineering 2008
EB   Financial signal processing and machine learning 2016
EB   Formal methods for industrial critical systems 2012
EB   Fundamentals of sensor network programming 2011
EB   Future trends in microelectronics 2010
EB   Game invaders 2012
EB   Guide to state-of-the-art electron devices 2013
EB   HVDC grids 2016
EB   HVDC transmission 2010
  Handbook of research on student engagement 2012
EB   Handbook on array processing and sensor networks 2010
EB   Hybrid control and motion planning of dynamical legged locomotion 2012
  Information Literacy: Key to an Inclusive Society 2017
EB   Information hiding in communication networks 2016
EB   Information overload 2012
EB   Internet of things 2017
EB   Introduction to magnetic random-access memory 2017
EB   Large-scale computing 2012
EB   Low-rate wireless personal area networks 2007
EB   MIMO-OFDM for LTE, Wi-Fi, and WiMAX 2010
EB   MIMO-OFDM wireless communications with MATLAB 2010
  Material modelling 2017
EB   Medical applications of artificial intelligence 2014
EB   Mobile intelligence 2010
EB   Mobile positioning and tracking 2017
EB   Modeling power electronics and interfacing energy conversion systems 2017
EB   Modern measurements 2015
EB   Multi-mode/multi-band RF transceivers for wireless communications 2010
EB   Multimedia information extraction 2012
EB   Multimodality in practice 2012
  Natural fiber textile composite engineering 2017
EB   Near-capacity variable-length coding 2010
EB   Networked affect 2015
EB   Next generation of data mining applications 2005
  Non-professional subtitling 2017
  Nonlinear Random Waves and Turbulence in Nondispersive Media 1991
EB   Operation and control of electric energy processing systems 2010
EB   Perspectives in space surveillance 2017
EB   Perturbations, optimization, and statistics 2017
EB   Positive youth development through sport 2016
EB   Power conversion and control of wind energy systems 2011
EB   Power electronics for renewable energy systems, transportation, and industrial applications 2014
EB   Programming models for parallel computing 2015
RA   Project Muse standard collection  
  Properties of Fresh and Hardened Concrete Containing Supplementary Cementitious Materials 2018
EB   Quadrature amplitude modulation 2004
EB   Reliability wearout mechanisms in advanced CMOS technologies 2009
  Religious complexity in the public sphere 2018
  Research analytics 2018
EB   Restructured electric power systems 2010
EB   Satellite-based Navigation and Timing 2015
EB   Security and privacy in cyber-physical systems 2017
EB   Semiconductor terahertz technology 2015
EB   Single and multi-carrier DS-CDMA 2005
  Slavery hinterland 2016
  Social identity 2014
  Social identity 2014
  Soft, hard, and hybrid Janus structures 2018
EB   Software engineering 2007
EB   Software management 2007
EB   Software process improvement 2011
  Songs of World War I 2014
EB   South Asian media cultures 2010
  Subcontracting peace 2017
EB   Surface electromyography 2016
EB   Synthesized transmission lines 2016
EB   Teaching and training for global engineering 2016
EB   The death of the internet 2012
EB   The promise and perils of populism 2015
EB   Thermoelectric nanomaterials 2013
EB   Time and frequency domain solutions of EM problems 2011
EB   Time-varying waveform distortions in power systems 2009
EB   Transformer ageing 2017
  Transforming warriors 2016
EB   Turbo coding, turbo equalisation and space-time coding 2011
EB   Unfinished business 2012
EB   Urban utopias 2017
EB   Vietnam 1997
EB   What do science, technology, and innovation mean from Africa? 2017
EB   Wireless sensor and actuator networks 2010
EB   WirelessMAN 2006
  Women, leadership and mosques 2012
  Worldwide Commonalities and Challenges in Information Literacy Research and Practice 2013
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